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Program Structure

PGDM syllabus

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Program Structure


First Year PGDM

During the first year of the PGDM program, the student is grounded in . The courses provide a solid foundation in the management discipline which will lead the student towards his areas of .


Orientation – Accounting, Principles of Management, Workshops & Events, Case Analysis Methodologies, Two day outbound program.

Semester 1

• Organizational Behaviour
• Accounting for Management
• Marketing Management
• Managerial Economics
• Quantitative Techniques
• Business Law
• Business Communication
• Business Oriented Computer Applications
• Organizational Study

Semester 2

• Business Research Methods
• Corporate Finance
• Consumer Behaviour
• Corporate Strategy
• International Business
• Quality & Productivity Management
• Business Analytics
• Human Resource Management
• Summer Internship Project


Second Year PGDM

During the second year, the student gets the opportunity to specialize in two areas – one in his area of major concentration and the other in a chosen minor. Students have the opportunity to specialize in and .

The required courses and electives in the different functional areas are as follows:

Field Application

The student gets the opportunity to implement theoretical frameworks during the Research project and summer internship in an organization for period of six to eight weeks.

Course Supplements

Course supplements shall include functional labs, current event analysis, concepts review, career counseling, GD skills development, interview skills and a plethora of activities.

Semester 3

• Logistic & Supply Chain Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Banking
• Marketing Elective 1
• Marketing Elective 2
• Marketing Elective 3
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 1
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 2
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 3
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 4

Semester 4

• Marketing Elective 4
• Marketing Elective 5
• Marketing Elective 6
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 5
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 6
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 7
• Fi / HR Elective Subject 8
• Exim Management – Project Report & Viva Voce

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