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An Extempore Competition "90 Seconds of Fame" by the HR Club

14 February 2018
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A healthy work environment started from having a healthy mind. This comes without mentioning the employees who have the conscience aligned with the company values and objectives. A change in trend and availability of upcoming technologies with data mining at one’s disposal, we (Human Resource) as a department have come a long way from filing records for employees to changing the entire work dynamics of the department itself and are treading new and unchallenged territory.

On 14 February 2018, the HR club of MIME came up with an extempore competition for the students of MIME. The event was organized under the leadership of Professor (Dr.) Suman Pathak and was duly coordinated by Ms. Nischitha Y. This extempore competition was held with respect to the changing trends in HR and giving a better insight to the emerging trends and challenges that are to be held as professionals in the HR industry.

With full of enthusiasm and exuberance, 35 students of 2nd Semester, PGDM 2017-19 batch participated in the competition. The participants were given 35 different topics ranging from part-time employment and its effects, workplace negativity, to the employee as an asset etc. at random and were asked to speak on the same for 90 seconds.

The goal of the session was to assess the participant’s insight in these emerging scenarios in the Human Resource industry and to judge them on various parameters like content, stage presence, body language. The students’ performance was judged by a panel of a well-qualified experienced team of faculty members.

Mr. Ozair Pasha from PGDM batch 2017-2019 came out as a winner, followed by Mr. Vijesh V. Nair and Ms. Ritu Mishra taking the second and third place at the extempore competition, "90 Seconds of Fame".

Dr. Jitendra Mishra, the honorable Director of the Institute, graced the event and appreciated such activities for the holistic learning and setting the trends amongst the management students. He congratulated every participant and the students of the HR department as he presented the winner’s trophy to Mr. Ozair Pasha.

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