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May 5

Career options after Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions to make in life. At present, people have lot of career options to choose from. However, one should know about one’s self, strengths, values, personality and skills. Being aware of these things will help decide which career fits best.

Career planning is an ongoing process that can help manage learning and development. While choosing the right career, one should choose something that brings the most satisfaction. It is also important to identify the long term goals and short term goals. Once the goals are identified it will be easier to eventually work towards that career.

Many institutes recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) offer the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course. A student pursuing the PGDM course will gain industry-oriented knowledge.

Students who pursue the PGDM courses are usually placed by campus recruitment. One such institute is MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME). MIME is the first B-school of Jain Group of Institutions (JGI). MIME helps students to facilitate their next move towards their career. It also helps students to get placed in the organization which is best suited to their talent and personality.

The management qualification holds a special place in the Indian and Global market. The PGDM course polishes the overall personality traits of the students, ranging from their ability to communicate and take timely decisions, to developing problem-solving skills. After completion of the PGDM course, one can serve as a honed, skilled and valuable management professional in varied jobs. At MIME students are placed in renowned organizations with a very good salary package. Below mentioned are some of the promising roles he/she can take up after completing the PGDM course.

Jobs in Private Sector :

The PGDM completed professionals are required in various roles in different operational units at private companies. Students who have done the PGDM course from MIME, gets placed in top private companies through the placement process. There are different career opportunities for a PGDM student in private companies. Some of the positions are that of a business manager, management trainer, finance executive, marketing assistant, HR executive and client relationship manager.

Jobs in Public and Manufacturing Sector:

The job openings at public and manufacturing sectors are open for a limited time. Hence it is important to keep a track of the opening and apply in time.

Jobs in Research Organizations:

There are several career opportunities for PGDM students in research organizations. The research organization recruits management post graduates as business analysts or analytical experts if mathematics is their strength.

Jobs as a Business Consultant:

On completion of the PGDM course he/she can try and explore the option of being a business consultant. They can be a business advisor or a business consultant. They can also be a financial advisor in banking or financial institutions or an IT advisor in a tech firm. They can also choose to become a full time consultant or a free time consultant.

Jobs as being a teacher:

If he/she wants to be connected with academics the best career option would be in the teaching field. One can teach at management institutes or coaching institutes that prepare students for management entrance exams. Teaching jobs also pay well.


A PGDM course teaches Managerial, Teaching, Problem - solving and communication skills that are required for a successful entrepreneur. Thus it is another great career opportunity.

Experienced professionals who have completed the PGDM course need not worry much about their career options. They showcase managerial skills in their job which will ensure progress to higher positions within the company. However when better opportunities come their way, that can also be explored.

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