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OCT 16

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about PGDM in India

From handling sectors like hospitality to finance, every area of work requires an able manager, who is equipped with the right attitude, insights, and managerial skills. Although management courses are in full swing for many years now, many are fascinated with the radical PGDM course. So, what is so different about PGDM that a number of universities in various locations of India, offer it?

PGDM: A Trendsetting Course

An industry-oriented course, with vast options for specializations and placement opportunities, are not just the parameters that students look out for in a PGDM course, today. Management students are wanting more exposure, richer faculty and a real-time business environment to learn and excel in their respective areas of interest. The PGDM program is offered by institutes and academic institutions that are recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

The management program offered at MATS Institute of Management; the PGDM at MIME offers a clear and well-directed path to those students who are seeking for better PGDM careers. They offer two, dual specialization options – Finance & Marketing and Human Resource Management & Marketing. A super specialization course in International Business is an added advantage. The PGDM syllabus is vast yet, constricted relevant to today's business world.

The PGDM Program Structure

To begin with, the core areas covered in the first year (first and second semesters) of PGDM at MIME are very broad. They are selected with the aim of introducing the students to the business space and establish a firm foundation in management. This will lead them to have good grounding irrespective of what they specialize in, in the next year. An orientation in the subjects of Accounting and Principles of Management is provided in the preterm period. Here is a glimpse of the PGDM syllabus they offer.

Some of the key subjects studied in Semester 1 are:
  • 1. Organizational Behavior
  • 2. Managerial Economics
  • 3. Quantitative Techniques and Statistics
  • 4. Business Law
  • 5. Business Communication
Some of the subjects that Semester 2 focuses on are:
  • 1. Business Research Methods
  • 2. International Business
  • 3. Human Resource Management
  • 4. Operations Management
  • 5. Consumer Behavior

The second year of PGDM (third and fourth semesters) is solely dedicated to specializations in two subjects out of these - Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. A super specialization in International Business opens up the students to a global perspective on business, Entrepreneurship is a mandated subject in Semester 3 for all students. Exim Management is also included in Semester 4.

A few of the papers studied under Marketing are:
  • 1. International Marketing
  • 2. Marketing Strategy
  • 3. Digital Marketing Tools and Social Media
Finance has papers like:
  • 1. International Finance
  • 2. Risk and Control Strategy
  • 3. Finance Strategy
Human Resource Management delves into some of the following papers:
  • 1. International Human Resource Management
  • 2. Strategic Human Resource Management
  • 3. Industrial Relations and Labor Law
International Business is dedicated to studying papers like these:
  • 1. Negotiation Skills for International Business
  • 2. Foreign Trade Management
  • 3. International Derivative Markets

The industry exposure includes industrial visits, four weeks of organizational study, six to eight weeks of a summer internship project with an organization. The students are also encouraged to take up live projects or field studies based on their course requirements and their interest.

The course defines a complementary relationship between theory and practical study. The theoretical study of the subjects paves a way for practical application in a business situation, giving the students clarity and confidence before stepping in. Projects and assignments are assembled keeping in mind these two aspects.

The topics, case studies, and the pedagogical methods selected for the course are all based on the learning outcome that is cited and elaborated in the session plan for each subject in each of the specializations. Since the PGDM career is filled with an adequate and effective application, the curriculum is updated through the course. The content that is designed for all subjects for all semesters is reviewed and updated regularly in terms of relevancy, and connection. The faculty also matches it up to the standards of the curriculum of one national and one international management institution.

Who are suitable for a PGDM course?

PGDM is a very sophisticated, yet open course that attracts anybody who wants to study business. A candidate is only required to have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline, with a minimum of 50% of aggregate. A valid score in any of the qualifying exams like CAT / MAT / CMAT etc. is another criteria to be fulfilled. Candidates with prior work experience are also considered. During the interview process, the candidate will have a higher possibility of entering the university, if he/she scores well in the Presentation Skill Assessment.

Scope and Career Opportunities of PGDM

Any career requires the student to have an awareness of his/her own strengths, skills, values, and personalities. Once you have an outline of your career goals, it is much easier to go along the way. The PGDM placement is usually governed by campus recruitment. The course itself gives a good finish in various skills and managerial abilities. This includes effective communication, problem-solving, and decision making. A PGDM graduate can secure well-paying and satisfying jobs and roles in many sectors.

The students have a great advantage when they are on par with the standards of effective communication, for both understanding concepts and for placement training. The mock interviews and group discussions are essential parts of the placement training, which every student must undergo. Role-play sessions are regularly conducted for students based on topics of negotiation, cross-cultural communication etc. to make subjects of Communication, Human Resource & Organizational Behavior more relevant in their study.

Private Sector - Business Manager, Finance Executive, HR Executive and Client Relationship Manager.

Research Sector - Research never runs out. PGDM graduates can opt to become a Business Analyst or an Analytical Expert or serve other requirements.

Business Consultant - A Business Advisor or a Financial Advisor in banking or financial institutions or even an IT Advisor in a tech firm are a few of the many roles one can take up.

Teaching and Academics - This position is evergreen as one can always choose to teach or mentor at management institutes or coaching institutes.

Entrepreneurship - PGDM placements need not be the job provider for management students. Having studied the necessary managerial, problem solving and communication skills, one can run an entrepreneurship. There are even many incubators supporting budding entrepreneurs too.

How does PGDM at MIME make a difference?

Students at MIME are challenged to deal with uncertain, complex and adverse situations arising in meeting their organizational objectives. They are constantly guided in sharpening their leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and professional etiquettes. The program at MIME is also accompanied by an able and expert faculty that seeks to guide and maneuver business aspirants in a direction that takes them to a place of accomplishment.

The PGDM syllabus and the culture at MIME are exceptional. The students are encouraged to be as participative as possible to make the most of the PGDM course at MIME. Apart from the academic workshops and seminars, MIME also conducts the annual management fest titled, “MIME éclat.” The fest welcomes other competent management schools in the nation to participate. The fest builds a platform for budding managers and future business professionals with events that are based on corporate, social, financial and managerial aspects.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very important part of MIME. Their CSR Club is involved in their own programs that support Government initiatives to help the society and preserve the environment. Recently, the club got into a Tree Plantation Program to help restore ecological balance and to contribute in increasing green cover. The MIME CSR Club, comprising of both students and faculty members, actively associate in reaching short and long-term goals in providing a better society.

Placement Statistics at MIME

At MIME, PGDM career statistics have rocketed to 93% as of June 2018. The highest cost-to-company (CTC) recorded is 6.57 lakhs, the lowest is 3.30 lakhs, and the average CTC recorded is 4.82 lakhs.

If you haven't decided yet, it's time you made a firm choice in pursuing a PGDM career. It not only instills a great sense of confidence in you but gives you the motivation to accomplish your career goals.

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