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9 December 2017

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Annual Convocation 2017 at MIME

MIME Annual Convocation 2017

Convocation Day is a cheerful occasion in the life of a student. It is the manifestation of years of hard-work that enables a student to formally earn the recognition in the form of a certificate. At post-graduate level, the Convocation symbolizes the beginning of responsibilities in one’s career because he/she joins the small portion of Indian population representing the cream of the country and the need to continuously meet the changing expectations begins. A management post-graduate diploma adds value to the student, his/her family and the organization he/she serves by equipping with the required competence, attitude and necessary confidence. MIME organized its Annual Convocation - 2017 on 9 December 2017. Apart from conferring the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, the function featured sharing of wisdom from luminaries.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director-MIME, welcomed the dignitaries and presented the progress report as well as the plan for immediate future for MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship. He highlighted the priority accorded by the Institute to the overall development of each student and the simultaneous focus on creativity. He reminded the MATSONIANS of seven values of MIME that govern all its decisions and actions viz., vision, imagination, focus on excellence, thirst for knowledge, break free, focus on skills and character to inspire.

In his address, Dr. Easwaran Iyer, Dean, Commerce Studies, and Director (Placements), Jain University emphasized the need to put in hard work, develop patience, maintain physical health, to be humble and be grounded to cope up with the changing realities.

Prof. N V H Krishnan, Registrar, Jain University representing the Chairman, Board of Governors presided over the Convocation and conferred the Post-Graduate Diploma certificates to 56 students in person at the Convocation ceremony. Further, 23 students received their certificates in-absentia. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Krishnan highlighted the importance of learning, unlearning and relearning in the professional and life journey.

Mr. Badri Subbarao B, Director, KPMG Global Delivery Centre was the Guest of Honor and distributed the medals and merit certificates to the achievers from PGDM 2015-17 Batch in Marketing and Finance stream. In his address, Mr. Badri Subbarao emphasized on the importance of personal integrity as the same will determine the network of relationships which is vital for promoting teamwork. He further highlighted the need of hard work in the form of stretching the mind for ensuring continuous learning in one’s career and life.

Mr. Balachandar N, Group Director (HR), Coffee Day Enterprises Limited, was the Chief Guest and delivered the Convocation address. In his address to the graduating students he highlighted the importance of cultivating the “Learning Ability”. Elaborating further, he emphasized on the four dimensions of learning in order to learn viz., ability to learn, ability to connect with the people, ability to maintain and improve health, and ability of giving back to the society. On the occasion, Mr. Balachandar gave away the medals and merit certificate to the achievers of PGDM 2015-17 Batch in Marketing and HR Stream and to the Overall First Rank Holder of the batch.

The following students of PGDM 2015-17 Batch received the honor.

Award Detail Awardees
The MATS Gold Medal for obtaining the Overall 1st Rank Gopal Soni
The MATS Gold Medal for obtaining the 1st Rank (Marketing and HR Stream) Vinay Kumar Sharma
The MATS Silver Medal for obtaining the 2nd Rank (Marketing and HR Stream) Pooja V
The MATS Gold Medal for obtaining the 1st Rank (Marketing and Finance Stream) Gopal Soni
The MATS Silver Medal for obtaining the 2nd Rank (Marketing and Finance Stream) Shaik Shamimunnisa

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director-MIME, administered the “MIME Graduation Oath” to the graduating students. In his inimitable style, Prof. Reji Meprathe conducted the proceedings of the Convocation in co-ordination with Dr. Arun B.K. Dr. Mahadevan G proposed the vote of thanks and subsequently the Convocation concluded with National Anthem.

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