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March 17 MIME for A Remarkable Career with A PGDM Course 2020!

Everything You Need to Know About MIME for A Remarkable Career with A PGDM Course!

Having a set of queries while choosing the best B-school helps one to make a wise and relevant decision; that won’t be regretted. Since the question has already come to your mind its time you know about MATS Institute of Management (MIME), the first B-School of JGI Group. The JGI group was founded as an educational institute, in the early ’90s that created new waves in the field of education with its radical & ground-breaking approach towards academics and fostering holistic development in students. MIME - ranked among the top business schools in India is a division of the prestigious JGI Group, situated in Bangalore, which attracts the best students from different parts of the country.

MIME focuses on emphasizing the dynamic combination of business fundamentals, self-development, and real-world experiences, to its students. Forging connections between students, organizations, and community for a wholesome society. The first year of PGDM at MIME is dedicated to core management subjects which help the students to understand the business space and establish a firm foundation in various areas of management. In the second year of the course, the students can choose their subjects of Specialization such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and students are also welcomed to take up a super specialization course in International Business Specialization in International Business prepares the students to understand global business and economy, an essential prerequisite for management professionals today.

The PGDM program in MIME is AICTE approved (The All India Council for Technical Education) which is the legal body and a national-level council for technical education. AICTE comes under the Department of Higher Education, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Students always want to get their management degree from an AICTE approved PGDM institute as it is the responsibility of AICTE to properly plan and develop the technical education and management education system in India. If the PGDM program is not approved by AICTE then the students will not be considered for government jobs and their private job opportunities may also decline.

The PGDM Course offered at MIME is similar to those offered at leading B-Schools such as IIM's, XLRI and MDI. A PGDM institute with AICTE approval is given more preference over others as it secures the future of the students and also makes them eligible to seek job opportunities abroad.

At MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME), the PGDM program is not only confined to classroom learning but students get exposure by applying the classroom concepts in the projects practically. There are various value-added courses which are available for PDGM students enhancing their knowledge and employment opportunities further.

Most of the time students think MBA is of greater value than PGDM, as MBA offers a degree qualification and will give a better edge than a diploma. However, MBA and PGDM are business-oriented courses that aim to train students in various aspects of management and entrepreneurship. Both MBA and PGDM are regarded as having equal value in India and also overseas providing great career opportunities. MIME is AICTE approved, with an industry-oriented and flexible curriculum that has consistently stood amongst the best institutes with top rankings, reinforcing its position as the best B-School in India for the PGDM course.

Getting a PGDM holds a special place in the Indian and Global markets. The PGDM course polishes the overall personality of the students, ranging from their ability to communicate confidently and take timely decisions, to developing problem-solving skills and leadership attitude. At MIME students are placed in reputed organizations with a very good package. A PGDM holder can seek a job in private companies as a business manager, management trainer, finance executive, marketing assistant, HR executive / Manager, and client relationship manager, etc. They are also eligible to apply for government jobs that match their management profile. They can also work as business development managers, business consultants, financial consultants, and most importantly this degree trains and fosters to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in the students, inspiring them to become successful business leaders of tomorrow.

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