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Induction-Cum-Orientation Program for PGDM 2018-20 Batch

9-20 July 2018
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MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) warmly welcomed the students of PGDM 2018-20 batch by organizing "Deekshaarambh" an invocation ceremony followed by the induction-cum-orientation program. Ten days of the induction-cum-orientation program was organized from 9-20 July 2018. The program was specially designed to introduce and acquaint the new batch of students with faculty and staff members. Further, the program facilitated interaction with practitioners to know the industry and accordingly setting up of expectations and goals. Finally, it offered a bridge course to make the students ready for the regular classes.

The day-wise highlights are as follows

9-10 July 2018: Registration and Kitting-up

The first two days of the program began with completing the registration, verification of documents, completion of formalities for the issuance of identity card and the library card. After the completion of these formalities, each admitted student of PGDM 2018-20 batch was issued with a “student kit” designed specifically for the induction-cum-orientation program.

11 July 2018: Inaugural Function through Invocation to Divine
Invocation Ceremony

The invocation function began with the prayers invoking the blessings from the Goddess of Learning in the form of “Saraswathi Vandana” which prayed for the smooth transition to the chosen path of knowledge of the students. The fervent prayers were accompanied with a symbolic action of lighting the lamp by eminent academicians, management practitioners and student representatives of 2018-20 Batch. The dignitaries to lit the lamp were - Mr. Augustus Azariah, Associate Director (Human Resource), IBM India Pvt. Limited; Dr. Shiva Kumar, R, Head (Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning, and Deployment), Sodexo India Limited; Prof. B.S. Prakash, Management Practioner; and Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME.

After 'Saraswathi Vandana' and lighting of the lamp by the student representatives and dignitaries, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME welcomed the gathering of dignitaries, students, guardians and faculty members. Congratulating the students on their admission to MIME, Dr. Mishra highlighted the need to understand the education as a moment to moment learning process and not a mere collection of transactions of information. He urged the students to treat their learning journey as a fresh beginning and thereby not to be get loaded by the regrets of the past. Dr. Mishra with the help of an interesting anecdote emphasized the need to widen one’s horizon and broaden-thinking as the means of learning and pursuing one’s dreams. He urged the students to learn in multiple-ways and spoke about the need to pursue excellence by using different learning methodologies. He motivated the students to acquire diverse skills by effectively utilizing the various opportunities provided by the Institute. Further, all the faculty and staff of MIME introduced themselves to the freshly admitted students.

Prof. B.S. Prakash, Management Practitioner was the Guest of Honour. In his speech, he highlighted the need to utilize the holistic-learning opportunities created by MIME.

Dr. Shiva Kumar R, Head (Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning and Deployment), Sodexo Limited was the Guest of Honour. He urged the newly admitted students to remain focused and learn by properly utilizing their time and energy. He further urged them to realize the importance of 'present' and the need to have feelings of gratitude towards parents and guardians.

The Chief Guest of the innovation function was Mr. Augustus Azariah, Associate Director (Human Resource), IBM India Limited. In the address to the newly admitted students, he highlighted the need to be visible by taking initiatives; utilization of networking skills to improve one’s horizon of thinking; developing ‘curiosity’ as a means for continuous learning, and realization of the social component in all transactions. He further stressed upon the importance of the presence of positive vibrations that he personally experienced at MIME which in turn, he was sure will ensure the progress of the students in their career.

Prof. Reji Meprathe, Faculty - MMIE conducted the proceedings of the Inaugural session with his characteristic ease and the session ended with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Suman Pathak, Faculty - MIME.

Microlab Session

Post lunch session of the third day proceeded with the organization of “Microlab”, wherein all students of the PGDM 2018-20 batch participated in various individual and group activities. These activities were designed to break the inner hesitation and permit free expressions among the newly admitted students. Further, these activities enabled the students to think outside of the box and thereby created a fresh lease of enthusiasm. All activities at the Micro lab were facilitated by Sri M C Pavan, Management Consultant and Well Known Trainer.

12 July 2018: Program, Facilities and Entrepreneurship - Orientation

The fourth day of the program was aimed at introducing the program and facilities of the institute and to provide orientation on entrepreneurship to the newly admitted students. The following four sessions were held during the course of the day.

PGDM Program – An Introduction

In order to sensitize the newly admitted students of PGDM to the rigors and requirements of the program including the academic processes such as assignments, attendance, exams, internal marks, exam marks and project works, a session was conducted by Prof. Reji Meprathe, Faculty - MMIE which emphasized on the need for the students to stay focused throughout the program in order to drive the maximum from the two-year PGDM program. In addition, Prof. Reji highlighted the need to self-cultivate discipline by the students.

Overview of Placement Processes

The placement cell of the institute led by Ms. Preeti Bhandary and Sri. Vijay Reddy, both Managers - Corporate Relations, Student - Career Advisory and Placement Services (S-CAPS) conducted a session on the activities and efforts undertaken in arranging "Organizational Study", "Internship" and "Final Placements" for the students of PGDM.

Based on the past experiences, the presenters urged the students about the need to fine-tune their technical and managerial skills so as to match the changing expectations from industry. It was further elaborated that the specially designed interactive platforms viz., "Words of Wisdom", "Alumni of the Month" and "Share Your Knowledge" meant to enhance their awareness levels are to be made the best use of. In the concluding portion of the presentation, it was highlighted by the presenters that there is a need to maintain the interaction with the industry by taking up part-time assignments which would simultaneously lead to the increase in their knowledge bank, employability and personality development.

Session on Library Facilities and Their Utilization

The session on Library Facilities and Their Utilization was conducted by the Chief Librarian, Dr. N. Meeramani, The session aimed at familiarizing the students about different services offered by the library including the digital library section, periodicals and journal sections. The students were also appraised about the availability of inter-library loan facilities of books as the institution has a tie-up with Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Science libraries.

Orientation Session on Entrepreneurship

Keeping in line with the cherished value of MIME and as well as being sensitive to the changing focus of the Nation in the direction of “Job Creation” rather than on "Job Seekers", a session on Entrepreneurship aptly formed a part of the orientation program. Sri. Sharath Gopinath, CEO, Productive Financial Services Pvt. Limited and Sri. Abhinav Pathak., COO and Co-Founder, Perpule e-Commerce Platform Builders formed the eminent panel for the session. The panelists shared their valuable insights into the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, challenges faced, and their future plans. The session was based on an elaborate question and answer mode wherein variety of queries from the students were addressed by the eminent panelists with live illustrations so as to throw light on the nuances involved in the phenomenon of Entrepreneurship.

14 July 2018: Panel Discussion on "Expectations of Industry from Young Budding Managers"

An eminent panel comprising of Sri. Rangarajan Subramanian, Senior Manager (Human Resources), Ernst and Young Services Pvt. Limited; Sri. Kaalinga Muralik Kannan D, Senior Project Manager, Envestnet and Yodlee India Limited; Ms. Ramya Kandaswamy, Manager (Optimization Strategy), Oath Private Limited; Sri. Sridhar Naidu, Director (Sales), SureWaves Media Pvt. Limited; and Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME familiarized the students about the expectations of the industry. The panelists highlighted the importance of initiative-taking, communication, analytical and problem-solving skills. The aim of the panel discussion was to enable the students to become aware of the changing industry requirements and thereby, to re-orient their knowledge and skill acquiring efforts in a purposeful manner. Further, the panelists threw insights into the likely changes in the expectations from industry in the near and distant future.

The panelists with their rich experience and diverse backgrounds enlightened the students as to how they can vitalize their two years PGDM program so as to enhance their employability skills with respect to the changing expectations of the industry. The panel discussion was followed by a question and answer session which provided a platform for the newly admitted students to clarify their concerns.

13-20 July 2018: General Orientation and Subject-Related Orientation

The remaining seven days of the orientation cum induction program were devoted to making the students to get an overall feel about the various facets of two year PGDM program. This segment of the program was divided into two categories viz., “General Orientation” and “Subject Related Orientation”. Since this part of the orientation required extensive interactions, the students were divided into two sections viz., Section A and Section B with each section consisting of 60 students. The following summarizes the various aspects of the program under these two categories.

General Orientation

The academic content of the PGDM program consists of general focal areas which are applicable to all subjects. The main topics coming under this category are General Awareness, Analytical Mindset, Communication, Information Technology, Case Study Method and Managerial Thinking.

The Orientation on "General Awareness" was channelized through group discussions on "Current Affairs" with contents derived from newspaper reports. Three separate sessions for Section A and B aimed at developing sensitivity towards business, economic and general happenings all around were conducted. These sessions were handled by Dr. S Manikandan and Prof. A Sakthivel.

The Orientation on "Analytical Mindset" was channelized through individual presentations pertaining to “Book Reviews”. Three separate sessions were conducted both for Section A and B and are aimed at developing analytical thinking and synthesizing skills through reading and learnings obtained from going through different books. These sessions were handled by the active involvement of all faculty of MIME.

The orientation program on “Communication” consisted of three separate sessions for Section A and B, and spread over six days. These sessions were handled by Prof. Sanjeev Mathur. The sessions focused on the importance and practical aspects of oral and written communication processes in an organizational context. In addition, students were exposed to the likely but avoidable pitfalls in the communication processes.

Three ‘Information Technology Orientation’ related sessions conducted separately for Section A and B, was spread over three days were handled by Mr. Bharath Rajanna, CEO – Edupinnacle, Bangalore. These sessions aimed at exposing the students to the skills required in using the basic IT tools such as MS WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT with respective to management relevant applications.

One Session each for Section A and B on "Case Method" was conducted by Prof. Arun B.K, This session highlighted the importance and characteristics of Case Method in management education. Apart from highlighting the importance, the session provided a general framework for case analysis and highlighted the need to cultivate a multi-perspective thinking amongst the students for effective utilization of Case Method.

In keeping with the tradition, the inspiring interactive session on “Management Thinking” was preceded by the offering of Pooja to invoke the blessings of the Divine. After the Pooja, the interactive joint-session for Section A and B was conducted by Sri. S Chandrashekar, Eminent Corporate Trainer. This session consisted of interesting management games entitled “run, jump and fly”. These games emphasized the need for maintaining a positive outlook and cheerful attitude among the students as a prerequisite for productive managerial thinking. Further, they stressed upon the need to first initiate any action either mental or physical, so that last-minute rush and pains due to fatigue-related mistakes could be avoided. The session also highlighted the importance of communication, analytical and problem-solving skills to be successful in management field.

In addition to "General-Orientation, to facilitate the learning processes and also to develop the overall personality, the freshly admitted students were assigned a faculty member as a mentor and during the induction cum orientation program the first interaction of the students and the assigned mentors was arranged.

Subject Related Orientation

In order to familiarize the students coming from diverse backgrounds to the key subjects that constitute the management education, subject-related orientation sessions were conducted in the form of "Accounting for Managers", "Quantitative Techniques for Managers" and "Economics for Managers".

In three separate sessions for Section A and B, Prof. Ganesh B. explained the broad principles of Financial, Cost and Management Accounting and their relevance to one's professional career.

Prof. Sakthivel, A, in three separate sessions for Section A and B, elucidated the Quantitative Techniques for Managers. These sessions provided an overview of Probabilistic Methods, Statistics and Optimization Techniques and their application in the practical world.

Prof. S. Manikandan conducted two separate sessions on Economics for Managers for Section A and B, which was spread over six days. These sessions highlighted the principles and importance of Economics as a study of resources both at micro i.e., Organizational and macro i.e., National levels.

20 July 2018: Valedictory Session

The tenth day marked the culmination of the "Deekshrambh - 2018" program with the valedictory function which was presided over by Dr. Easwaran Iyer, Dean, Commerce Studies and Director (Placements).

In his welcome address, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME called upon the students to work towards their set goal by minimizing the conflicts within as this approach would enable them to work with more energy and enthusiasm. He further urged the students to make the best use of the facilities, both mental and physical, provided by the institute. He urged upon the students not to look at PGDM program as a separate entity, but to treat the same as an integral part of one’s career and life’s journey. He thanked all the parents of students for reposing their faith in MIME.

Dr. Easwaran Iyer, in his address, highlighted the importance of tapping the entrepreneurial potential present in all the students by cultivating hardworking attitude, improving the adaptability to rapidly changing the environment and by a constant urge to contribute. He stressed the importance of knowledge of the basic concepts as it is not practical for the corporates to expect a thorough knowledge of the fresh graduates.

The valedictory function also included feedback from participating students. Students, in general, appreciated the content and structure of the induction cum orientation program and expressed their confidence that the same would facilitate them to do better in the PGDM program as well as in their career.

The valedictory session was conducted by Prof. Reji Meprathe and concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Suman Pathak.

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