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PGDM International Business


Course Description

This course is to develop an understanding among the students about the various policies, aspects and intricacies of foreign trade and international business. This course is an amalgamation of management, trade, sales, marketing and aspects related to law and economics. This course also helps students understand the basic concepts of management and foreign trade combined. The candidates are trained into learning the details of foreign resources and aspects related to the global economy as it is a globalized society in the current age.


Course Description

This course will help the students to understand and explain the structure of the framework of International Accounting and where to apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial report. This curriculum will also help in identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes and helps in preparing group financial statements including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures.


Course Description

This course aims at providing the students with a greater understanding of the International Politics subdivision “geopolitics”, how it works, how it can be used to assess the capabilities of a state, a region, or a union of states in terms of their domestic and foreign policy orientations. Different aspects of the geopolitical approach will be analyzed considering geographical, cultural, and temporal differences. Special focus is also placed on the political impact on humanitarian policies and their implementation in different cases.


Course Description

The objective of this paper is to make the students aware about the importance of ethics in the business, practices of good governance to encourage moral imagination and heightening sensitivity towards the ethical dimension of managerial problems. This course also highlights the role played by MNC to improve corporate governance, different approaches to corporate governance, leadership and corporate governance, different models of corporate governance.


Course Description

Challenges regionally, nationally and internationally increasingly call for fast, flexible and targeted responses that can be best delivered by networks. A challenge for managers is that the language of networks has not caught up with the practice of networks. In the absence of the clarity provided by language, networks struggle to develop in emergency response situations and other situations where delay can be extremely costly. This course develops in-depth understanding of the language and practice of networks from the politics of designing, and, evaluating networks and managing partnerships.


Course Description

This course examines the role of logistics in the supply chain within a focal firm as well as between organizations linked within a given supply network. This course also surveys operations research models and techniques developed for a variety of problems arising in logistical planning of production systems. Students will get a clear idea of the expanding role of logistics in business today. This course presents a framework for SCM that requires cross-functional integration of key business processes within the firm and across the network of firms that comprise the supply chain. . Illustrations are taken from corporate applications of these concepts to show how supply chain management can be implemented.


Course Description

The primary objective of this Course is to apply the principles and techniques of ethical negotiation and distributive justice, theories of negotiation, signaling, argumentation and real options. It also develops a level of self-awareness with regards to personal negotiation position and style. This module also focuses how to plan negotiation strategies and appropriate to a variety of business situations by analyzing and synthesizing relevant data source.

This course proposes to broaden the view on different business cultures and at the same time teach students the necessary tools to succeed in international negotiations. It will therefore touch upon the theories of intercultural communication, intercultural management and negotiation skills.

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