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Jan 16

Steps to choose the best Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) College in Bengaluru

It is difficult to choose a right Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) College because there is no standard parameter or a university acceptable criteria in our country. It is also likely to be one of the biggest investments of time and money that you will ever make. There are more than 3000 PGDM colleges in India. To study a management program it requires a lot of time and energy and it also requires huge investment of money. Hence it is important for you to choose the best management college which fulfils your requirement. In your PGDM application process researching about the best B-school should be the most important activity. All your efforts put into the preparation of GMAT/CAT, essay writing rounds, interviews and recommendation letter will fall into place when the process is right.

Before you make your final choice, it is advisable if you could visit the college campus to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere, to see whether you would fit in this college. You need to first understand why you want to do the PGDM course by setting your goals. As you will be spending a lot in your management program it is important for you to select the right Business school. Listed below are some of the key points which will help you in searching the best PGDM College in Bangalore.

Understand your goal

It is very important for you to know your intention and motivation to choose the PGDM course. As a PGDM applicant you may have different goals and career plans. Before selecting a PGDM college you need to answer to yourself the following questions like, is hike in a salary more important to you or do you need international experience? Are you ready to switch your career at any point of time or you would like to continue the same career option? Answers to these questions will help you to chalk out the type of career you would like to pursue in your life. Not every PGDM applicant may want to enter Investment Banking sectors or they want to be an Entrepreneur. Always be aware of your strengths and weakness and then search for the PGDM Colleges which are famous for the specialization you wish to pursue in your management.

Check the Accreditation

The Accreditation part plays an important role while choosing the PGDM College. It assures the quality education, financial aid opportunities and credit transfers. The chances of you getting hired in a reputed company increases if you are a student from an accredited college. The quality of education and the career opportunity in accredited college is better than the unaccredited college. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) seal of approval shows that the B-school has taken the effort to follow the best practice and standard that accreditation body demands for. International companies also show lot of interest in hiring the accredited college students. If the college is not accredited to any Government body then it is not eligible to participate in Government student assistant programs. You will also be not able to do PhD. or any research work if the institute is not accredited. The management degree which you will receive after completion of the course will not be recognized.

Pedagogy and Curriculum

The important aspect of the good B-School is the variety and flexibility in the pedagogy which is used to infuse the scope for innovation and experimentation. The overall focus of the management program and the blend of course learning requirement is important. A good management college teaches you how to think, cross functional competency, functional domain knowledge and team work. The curriculum for a PGDM college should be designed in such a way that you expand your knowledge and understanding of the current changes in the business environment through the study of leadership, organizational change and transformation and strategic management.


Placements does play an important role but it should not be the only criteria in choosing the PGDM College. The college is responsible for imparting knowledge and preparing you to deliver in an adverse position. It is not a placement agency. However it will prepare you in getting your desired job. A good B-school will always support students with placements, building relationships and career counseling with the recruiters around the world. As a PGDM applicant you can ask college for names of companies that visit their campus and the number of student placements every year. A college that gives you a detailed list and claim placements up to a decent percentage is the one you should choose.

Alumni of the college

Alumni students are the mirror of any institution. The profile of the alumni students determines the reputation of the institution. The Alumni can give you a valuable information and suggestion that you will get from nowhere. Try to find out if there are enough alumni from you’re filed of interest. The Alumni students might also help you in being an entrepreneur.

Location of the college

The location of the college also plays an important role in the college selection process. Metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai etc. are often the home for reputed companies, which means access is easier to business leaders and top MNC’s recruiters will look for an aspirant who have not only learned the theory behind successful business management, but who actually have experienced it first-hand. It is advisable to select the college which is in big cities as it will help you in getting a better career opportunity.

Global Exposure

Studying and doing internship abroad will improve your understanding of job markets and it will also give you a better exposure. Employers look for an aspirant who are aware about national and international markets. Always choose a B-School that have overseas partnerships which will help you in the career growth. The key to success in today’s economy is where business have global and international exposure. It is important that students appreciate cultural differences and gain insights on foreign policies. This will help them in having a better understanding of the global market place. The best B-Schools have an international recognition and build international networks with partners. This give students an opportunity to study at other leading business schools through Exchange Programs. During the Exchange program students who come from abroad brings a unique flavor to the campus.

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