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5 September 2017

MIME Celebrates Teachers Day

The beauty of "Knowledge" and therefore "Skill" is that they have necessarily to flow from higher levels represented by the knowledge/skill imparting teachers to the knowledge/skill receiving students. Keeping this essential nature of the flow of knowledge and in keeping with the national tradition, students of MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) organized "Teachers Day" on 5 September 2017 which is the birth day of First Vice-President of India and himself a great teacher - Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

On this occasion, the students of MIME conducted various events for teachers and faculty members which included impromptu speeches and other competitions. These events helped the teachers to express their views and feelings which in turn served as another platform to educate the students. Students, very effectively narrated the importance and tradition of the day and honored their faculty members and expressed gratitude to them.


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