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NOV 30

Annual Convocation Ceremony immerses MATSONIANS – The young professionals in potential careers

The buzz of the B-schools

Business management and marketing are the two main domain applicable in all walks of our life. Irrespective of the field, whether hospitality or health sector, entertainment or education sector, they all revolve around the fundamentals of marketing and management. The huge scope of this field has encouraged the rise of Biz-schools or the B-schools which have grown in popularity over the years. And, as per the fast-changing world driven by information technology and economy, the dawn of innovative opportunities is paving the way for numerous occasions for the students of the B-school to make the most of these advancements.

A few of the well-known and established B-schools in India like MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM.) The notable advantage of graduating with this Post Graduate Diploma is that it prepares the students to face the challenges of the ever-changing business world by designing the course curriculum based on the industry standards and changes. Thus, the students are accoutered to step into various kinds of management roles in numerous fields where they easily adapt to the working culture of the corporation.

The MATSONIANS and the MIME Convocation

The MIME convocation is just around the corner to award the much-awaited certificate to the MATSONIANS - the students with a hands-on approach to business management and administration. The difference though lies in the fact that, the MATSONIANS follow a curriculum that changes on par with changing business trends. They are well aware of these changes and are ever-prepared to face all the challenges of the corporate world while applying their skills like problem-solving, and other acquired management skills.

The flashback before the 'Annual Convocation Ceremony – MIME 2018' would showcase the aspirations and ambitions of the graduating MATSONIANS who believed in MIME and their PGDM course. The last two years of hard work and hard-earned convocation is aimed to be the stepping stone to a bright career. The PGDM curriculum of MIME is designed and formulated by a collective team of industry and academia professionals having expertise in management and business studies.

MIME is one of the institutes that stay connected with the students long after their convocation through the MIME Alumni Association. The institute supports placements of the MATSONIANS in many of the reputed firms. In fact, every year the students are placed in higher management roles which is the promising start to the best careers. Some of the MIME alumni recall the vast experiences they had garnered during the industry visits. They feel that as a B-school, MIME has always been on par with the industries which made an easy transition into the mainstream soon after their graduation.

It all narrows down to placements

The unique pedagogy of MIME encourages self-discovery in students. The MATSONIANS develop strong interpersonal skills which reflect in their persona and presentation. Exposed to practical hands-on experience to manage with real-time industry case studies, empowering the students to be flexible and adaptable to problem-solving in industries. This confident and take charge attitude of the students to inspire the leading corporations to visit the MIME campus for job placements. Most of the reputed firms are the recurring visitors and participants of the placement programs. Often pleased with their new recruits, they ensure to seek the MATSONIANS when new jobs or vacancies are made available in their firms. Are you the next MATSONIAN with huge dreams and aspirations? Step into the world of MIME to understand what makes it unique. Graduate from the best B-school and open the door to many opportunities that pave the way to your bright future.

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