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DEC 19

What Course Should I Prefer to Do Business

Studying a Business-related course is any day better if you have decided it is a good field to work in. There are many fascinating opportunities such a course can offer that you can enjoy as there are a variety of sectors and specific areas that you can work in. You can also get opportunities to travel and work in different business situations. But how can you make up your mind to study Business when there are two similar courses before
you – PGDM and MBA?

Although many think it is the same, MBA (Master of Business Administration) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) are distinct from each other in accreditation, curriculum and practicality.

The curriculum is the major difference between a PGDM and MBA. The curriculum of MBA is updated every 3-4 years by the respective university, which includes the MBA curriculum offered in institutes that are affiliated by universities. In the case of PGDM, flexibility is more. The curriculum of PGDM is updated with regards to newer dimensions in the syllabus and the ongoing changes in the industry.

The MBA curriculum is more theoretical in approach, giving the student a vast and expansive understanding of concepts in the program along with specializations. The major subjects offered include: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, Operation Management, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Rural Management, Agri-Business Management, and Healthcare Management.

PGDM is industry-oriented and emphasizes on the development of soft skills, thereby paving the way to take up specializations in various subjects that are available at the given institution. The major subjects offered include: Marketing Management, Financial Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Information Systems and Insurance Management.

When it comes to practical application, MBA is not as dynamic as a PGDM program. Since PGDM is industry-based, the practical and applicable knowledge is more and skills taught also differ from those taught in MBA. But MBA has a lot of weightage in terms of tried traditional concepts and skills that can be applied in business.

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) is one of the best institute that offers a PGDM course in Bangalore, with dual specialization – Finance & Marketing and Human Resource Management & Marketing with International Business as a super specialization.

Having a certificate in either of the programs can be helpful in the journey of understanding business. The student may have to consider his/her needs as a Business student before making the choice between an MBA program and a PGDM program. Depending on the type of business one wants to launch into, the course can be chosen accordingly.

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