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Induction-Cum-Orientation Program for Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM) 2016-18
14 - 23 July 2016

MIME gracefully welcomed the students of PGDM 2016-18 batch and conducted induction-cum-orientation program during July 14-23, 2016. The newly admitted students completed their registration and other formalities including document verification and all pre-requirement documentation towards issue of their identity cards. The day wise details of induction-cum-orientation program is ad-seriatim.

Jul 14, 2016: Kitting-up
The first day began with completing the registration requirement including the formalities for identity card and library card and the kitting up of students of PGDM 2016-18 batch of students.

Jul 15, 2016: Invocation
The second day commenced with invocation, wherein prayers were offered for blessings from the divine so as to lead the students smoothly from the path of ignorance to path of knowledge. This was symbolized by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries which included eminent academicians from Jain University viz Dr. Dinesh Nilakant, Dean CMS, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director MIME, Dr. B.T. Venkatesh, Controller of Examination, Sri. Shreedhar Bhatt, CEO, World Vision Softek, Sri. B Deepak Kumar, CEO, Stock Market Institute, Sri. Vivek Bhattacharya Exigo Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Limited, and Sri. Saptagiri, Program Co-ordinator, Entrepreneurship Programs.

After ‘Saraswati Vandana’ and lighting of the lamp, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME welcomed the gathering comprising of dignitaries, students, student guardians and faculty members. Congratulating the students on their admission to MIME, he stressed upon the need to pursue excellence by using different learning methodologies and aiming to acquire diverse skills by effectively utilizing the plethora of opportunities provided by the institute.

The session proceeded with the address of various dignitaries which is as delineated below.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Dinesh Ninakant, Dean CMS, Jain University stressed the need to remain focused which would enable the students to acquire ‘practical-orientation’ and to get themselves separated in widening crowd of management graduates.

Dr. B.T. Venkatesh, Controller of Examinations, Jain University, stressed the importance of 3 Rs viz., Reflect, Rewrite and Review in the journey of improving one-self. He further elaborated the need to proactively visualize the future and plan well in advance so that improvements in one’s life happen smoothly without any roadblocks.

Sri. Shreedhar Bhatt, CEO World Vision Softek and an alumni of MIME, recollected his salient experiences that shaped his journey from being a student of MIME to be an ‘employment-providing’ entrepreneur. He urged the students to dream and visualize the finer aspects of the dream so that they would definitely overcome challenges and realize them in the practical world.

Sri B Deepak Kumar, CEO, Stock Market Institute, urged the students to know the value of time and live every moment to the fullest so that they do not carry forward any regrets later on.

The Invocation program culminated with the formal vote of thanks by Dr. B.K. Arun, Professor, MIME.

Post lunch session, the second day proceeded with a visit to Micro lab, wherein all students of the PGDM batch participated in various individual and group activities. All activities at Micro lab was facilitated by Prof. Mohamed Younus who himself is an alumnus from MIME.

Jul 16, 2016 : Facilities and Processes
The third day was aimed at introducing facilities and processes of the institute to the students. The day culminated with Orientation session on Entrepreneurship. The following four sessions were held during the course of the day.

Program and Library Orientation – An Introduction
An introduction to program was facilitated by Director MIME. Further, the Library Orientation was conducted by the Chief Librarian, Ms Meera Mani, which was aimed at familiarizing the students about different services offered by the library including the digital library. The students were also appraised about the availability of inter-library loan facilities of books as the institution has tie-up with Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Science libraries. The students were also impressed upon with the rules and regulations of library.

Placement Process
The placement cell of the institute led by Sri. Vijay Reddy, Associate Manager - Corporate Relations, Student - Career Advisory and Placement Services Team (S-CAPS) conducted a session on the activities and steps taken in arranging Organizational Study, Internship and Final Placements for the students of PGDM. The students were highlighted upon their interaction with the industry by taking up part-time assignments which would lead to their increase in their knowledge bank and personality development.

Expectations from the Industry – Panel Discussions
The panel members comprising of Sri. Rupresh Sreedharan, Program Director (CIO Council), IDG Media Pvt. Limited (Marketing Expert), Sri. Pradeep Pandey, Associate Director, KPMG India (Finance Expert) and Sri. R Suman Arunagiri, Head – Talent Acquisition, Tavant Technologies Pvt. Limited (HR Expert) familiarized the students about the expectations from the industry from the student fraternity. The aim of the panel discussion was to enable the students to become aware of the changing industry requirements and thereby, to orient their knowledge and skill acquiring processes in a purposeful manner.

The panelists with their rich experience and background enlightened the students with respect to the changing expectations of industry as well as how students need to revitalise their two years PGDM program so as to enhance their employability skills.

Orientation Session on Entrepreneurship
In order to sensitize the newly admitted students of PGDM to the rigors and requirements of the program including the academic processes such as assignments, attendance, exams, internal marks, exam marks and project works, a session was conducted by Director MIME which emphasized on the need for the students to stay & remain focused throughout the program.

Jul 18-22, 2016: Program Highlights
Day Four to Eight was devoted for making the students to get an overall feel about the various facets of PGDM program. The program consisted of components viz., Communication for Managers, Accounting for Managers, Economics for Managers, QT/IT for Managers. The days from 18-22 Jul, 2016 broadly covered the under mentioned aspects.

General Orientation
The academic orientation consisted of global topics such as Communication, Information Technology, Case Study Methodology and Need for Positive Attitude.

There were two separate sessions conducted one each for Section A and B, and spread over five days, which was handled by Prof. Radhieka S Iyer. These sessions focused on the importance and practical aspects of oral and written communication processes in an organization context. In addition, students were exposed to the likely but avoidable lacunas in the communication processes.

Three ‘Information Technology’ related sessions spread over three days were handled by Prof. Nishanth Kumar. These sessions aimed at exposing the students to the skills required in using the basic IT tools such as MS WORD, EXCEL and POWER POINT.

Two Case Methodology conducted by Prof. Arun B.K, spread over two days highlighted the importance and characteristics of Case Methodology in management education, these sessions provided a general framework for case analysis. These sessions highlighted the need to cultivate a multi-perspective thinking amongst the students.

An interactive joint-session for both Section A and B was conducted by Dr. Dinesh Nilakant, Dean, CMS, Jain University regarding the need for maintaining a positive outlook and cheerful attitude among the PGDM students. The session emphasized the need to initiate any action either mental or physical, so that last minute rush and pains due to fatigue-related mistakes could be avoided.

Subject Related Orientation
In order to familiarize the students coming from diverse backgrounds to the key subjects that constitute the management education, subject related orientation sessions were conducted in the form of Accounting for Managers, Quantitative Techniques for Managers and Economics for Managers by Prof. Poonam Namjoshi.

Prof. Nishanth Kumar elucidated the students on the Quantitative Techniques for Managers. These sessions provided an overview into Probabilistic Methods, Statistics and Optimization Techniques and their application in practical world.

Prof. Rajani Prakash conducted two separate sessions on Economics for Managers for Section A and B, which was spread over two days. The sessions highlighted the principles and importance of Economics as a study of resources both at micro i.e., Organizational levels.

Jun 23, 2016: Valedictory
The ninth day marked the culmination of the program with the valedictory function which was presided over by Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME. In his address, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra called upon the students to work towards their set goal by utilizing all the facilities, both mental and physical provided by the institute. He called upon the students not to look at PGDM program as a separate entity, but to treat the same as an integral part of one’s career and life’s journey.

The valedictory function also included feedback from participating students. Students in general appreciated the structure of the induction cum orientation program and expressed their confidence that the same would facilitate them to do better in the PGDM program as well as in their career.

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