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Interactive session on "Monetary Policy and its Implications"

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship organized Interactive session on Monetary Policy and its Implications 25 November 2015

In any management curriculum, subjects of Economics and Psychology are considered as the parents of all other subjects. The quantum of money flowing through the system or “monetary cycle” is an important element for policy formulation. The “monetary cycle” in an economy starts with money and traces its path through the stages of investment, employment-generation, production of goods / services and expenditure / earnings.

Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy are the important tools for governing, guiding and regulating the economic activities in a country. In order to sensitize the PGDM students of MIME to the intricacies of monetary policy, an interactive session was organized on November 25, 2015 on the theme “Monetary Policy and Its Implications”.

Mr. G Ramachandran, an eminent banker with more than three and half decades of rich experience in reputed banks such as Indian Overseas Bank, India and Bank of Kuwait – Kuwait was the facilitator for session. The session started with the matters affecting the daily life of an individual such as price-rise and inflation and proceeded to provide insights into the mechanism of designing, monitoring and reviewing the monetary policy. Mr. Ramachandran was impressed with the intensity and quantum of interest demonstrated by the students throughout the session. Also, the students were grateful to Mr. Ramachandran for providing valuable insights into the various aspects of monetary policy including its effects on economy and businesses.

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