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Leadership Seminar series on “Future Ready Marketing”
MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship organized Leadership Seminar series on “Future Ready Marketing” 20/02/2015

One of the consequences of burgeoning increase in the population is the search for survival. With more than 730 Crore world population, the scenario of future is not stable and consist of short stable periods with interruptions. Such a macro-level scenario has placed the companies in a stage of confusion while expanding their efforts to woo the customers for buying products and services for the survival of the firm. Against this backdrop, there is a need to deliberate more and more to bring an element of clarity in the marketing efforts. In order to provide an insight about future scenario of marketing, MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) in collaboration with “Brandonomy” organized a Leadership Seminar on “Future Ready Marketing” (i.e., likely desired marketing efforts in an emerging future scenario) on February 20, 2016.

The Seminar began with the introductory remarks that stressed on the need to remove the misconceptions surrounding the marketing function by Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME and Ms. Shatomita S Ghosh, Promoter of Brandonomy.

The Seminar talk was delivered by Mr. Sudarshan, Country Marketing Head of Dell Corporation Limited. Mr. Sudarshan, in his Interactive and participatory style elucidated the various aspects of emerging future and how the marketing function need to gear up to face the future challenges. Analyzing the emerging scenarios he emphasized that for the marketing function to be ready to face the future digitalization holds the key. Digitalization helps the companies to share their strengths and leverage the business opportunities to be ahead in an era of shared resources or shared economy. He stressed upon the need to cultivate a habit of exponential thinking or thinking big rather than the incremental thinking. Such thinking would drive a series of innovations which in turn would lead to better utilization of the data available to create further business opportunities.

Mr. Sudarshan shared several initiatives taken by Dell Corporation and few other companies’ world over to cultivate the habit of thinking big and fostering the consequent innovations. The talk was followed by the question and answer session which provided further insights to the participants on readiness for marketing in future. Brandonomy (supported by “Sponsor Source”) was the industry partner for the seminar. The seminar was attended by Practicing Managers, Faculty and Students of MIME and Jain University.

Seminar on Future Ready Marketing Seminar for PGDM Students-MIME Leadership Seminar on Future Ready Marketing