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Learning Forum Session on How to Propagate Research Publication

January 25, 2022
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As academics, our careers revolve around the number of papers that we publish. Although the length of someone’s publication list does not necessarily reflect that person’s intelligence or contribution to the scientific community, research institutes, companies, and even nonprofit organizations use publication lists to compare the candidates’ merits. In this regard, the MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) has been organizing knowledge sharing and insight generating interactive sessions under the aegis of “Learning Forum”. As a part of this series of exercises, the “Learning Forum” of MIME organized an interactive online (Zoom) session by Dr. Rajveer S Rawlin, Assistant Professor, RIMS entitled “How to Propagate Research Publication” on January 7, 2022.

In his introductory remarks, Dr. H. Muralidharan, Director, MIME highlighted that publishing in journals can give our work visibility among other researchers in our field, outside of our immediate circle of contacts and colloquies. He further stated that journals can make our work more discoverable, as they are already being read by circles of interested readers.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Rajveer S Rawlin highlighted the various avenues for propagating research. Topics covered included some basic requirements of a research paper, setting up an ORCID ID, and leveraging platforms such as Google Scholar,, Research Gate, Inderscience, Elsevier, Web of Science, SSRN, etc. Further, the speaker emphasized on journal publication helps to preserve our work in the permanent records of research in the field, and publishing our work through visible sources helps others to learn. The peer-review process helps us improve the presentation and communication of research. He added stated that there are clone journal web pages that are a counterfeit mirror of an authentic journal that exploit the title and ISSN of legitimate journals.

The interactive virtual session on “How to Propagate Research Publication” consisted of intermittent as well as the dedicated “Question and Answer” sessions. The “Learning Forum session on “How to Propagate Research Publication” was coordinated by Dr. S. Manikandan, Associate Professor, MIME. The faculty and the staff of MIME participated in the event.

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