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PGDM Students Industrial Visit to Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Pvt. Limited

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

PGDM Students

Industrial Visit to Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Pvt. Limited 19 October 2015

The first step in learning is to develop curiosity and observation of activities which provides the platform to enhance the curiosity among the students. In order to benefit from this learning process, the first semester PGDM students of MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) visited “Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Pvt. Limited”, on 19 October 2015.

The students were excited about their visit and spend the journey time by discussing about the likely nature of the organization and its operational challenges by forming small groups. The built-up suspense and curiosity of the students expressed itself while interacting with the facilitators in the form of wide range of queries. The visit was effectively facilitated by Mr. Rajaganapathi, Mr. B G Jagadish Rai, Mr. Sanjay Subbanna all Senior Managers and Mr. Rajiv B N Chief Manager (Operations). The facilitators enthusiastically and patiently answered the questions from students that ranged from practical difficulties encountered in operations to interesting episodes experienced at the workplace.

Students found it a different experience to observe a mammoth wear-house handling 13,800 variety of different objects that are categorized into 39 different categories. They were educated by observing the care and delicateness involved while handling the parcels belonging to fragile, pharmaceutical, perishable and dangerous goods categories. The amount of care taken by the 300 employees of the organization in optimizing the cost and avoiding the delays was an eye-opener and students could relate the cost-optimization concepts learnt in classroom with such diverse set of operations. The other interesting learning from the visit was from the processes of material handling, cold-storage and palletization.

Industrial visit for PGDM students Industrial visit to Menzies Aviation Bobba Pvt Limited
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