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Mar 29

The Significance of specialization in Marketing in the PGDM program

The world of Marketing is increasingly getting into the good books of budding entrepreneurs as it helps in studying quantitative marketing and consumer behavior. This has been the focal point of most new entrepreneurs and prefers it over other fields of entrepreneurship. If you are looking to strengthening your Marketing skills, you might want to get a strong base of both theoretical and practical aspects of Marketing.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) – Marketing:

Marketing is a significant department of an organization that spreads out into various areas like advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales. You can choose to become a marketing manager or pursue other fields like content marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Whatever the scope is, it is important to have a firm grounding to your footing in Marketing in both theory and practice.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a good start to those aspiring to dwell in the world of management. PGDM courses are easily available in many places but choosing a sound PGDM course can be difficult. MATS Institute of Management (MIME), Bengaluru is a fine choice as it offers a PGDM course that is flexible and convenient for the aspirant, besides giving an excellent base in various specialization subjects, including Marketing.

Why Choose PGDM - Marketing?


PGDM courses are run by autonomous institutes like MIME. MIME is governed by an entrepreneurial group that is headed by an entrepreneur himself. It is also approved by AICTE for a full-time, regular course. Apart from having high rankings across the nation, MIME also holds many international collaborations.

Practical Learning

Aspirants are provided with the opportunity of learning through practicality, thereby given a dress rehearsal before they enter into the Marketing world. One can avail bridge courses to have a compelling base in the learning process. MIME offers certain courses that help in developing the practical approach towards the career.

Wide Scope

You can pursue a career based on your interests. Marketing has a corner for all skills- creativity, communication, research, management. You can experiment with any field depending on your interests and skills. MIME offers dual specialization to have a broader step ahead. Having a good grounding and a well-equipped understanding in the second year, the first year is dedicated to core management. This helps the aspirant to have more on his/her plate and have a fuller perspective.

A Spectrum of Areas to Pursue a Career

Marketing gives you a plethora of options to pursue your career, like engineering, automotive, manufacturing, media, and IT. Based on your interests and skills, there are more fish in the world of Marketing than you think there is. Every industry has different requirements and that gives space for a wider spectrum of choosing a role. MIME provides the syllabus to study those areas and prepare you accordingly.

Research Field

One can opt for the research field as this is a never-ending field. Marketing heavily has a need for aspirants with an analytical mind to develop different strategies. Developing new ideas and concepts to sell your product based on the ever-changing times and needs of the customers can be a thriving area for higher levels of research and studies for students of Marketing. Also, B-schools like MIME has an updated and well-versed faculty that knows the nitty-gritty of the field.

Financial Incentives

The field of Marketing paves a way for well-paid jobs that is most people give a thumb-up any day. Every field has its needs that need highly effective marketers who can achieve those needs. This calls for a well-paid role to acquire those skilled people.

Growth in Both Personal and Professional Areas

Marketing promises growth in your career as well as enhances your abilities to be target-oriented, facing new challenges and keeping a sharp and alert personality.

These are some of the benefits that one can count among the many others that come along with specializing in Marketing in your PGDM course. Pursuing this field not only gives you a challenging career but also gives you a glimpse of the various fields that come together in an organization, thereby making you an all-rounder.

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