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PGDM in Human Resource Management - Training Program on HR Analytics

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship partnered with MTHR Global to organize a one-day training program on

HR (Human Resource)

Analytics. 09/04/2016

Rapid changes in business environment have resulted in generation of multiplicity of data, be it about changing customers tastes and preferences or increasing need for cost effective techniques. Such a jump in the volume of data has put lots of pressure on organizations. Only those organizations which are able to make meaningful information derived from such an increasing amount of data are able to take necessary actions to survive. Further, such an unprecedented increase in data has put extra pressure on all organizational functions in general and the HR function in particular. Keeping this contemporary development in mind, MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) partnered with MTHR Global to organize a one-day training programme on “HR Analytics” on April 9, 2016. It was the beginning of “Continuous Learning Program Series” of MTHR Global in Bangalore as well. The program was attended by 36 middle and top level HR (Human Resource) executives from reputed organizations.

To start the training program, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, MIME welcomed the resource persons - Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Sr. Director (HR), UST Global and Mr. Ramesh Soundararajan, Expert Consultant of HR Analytics and Competency Based Systems, and participants. He set the context for the programme by emphasizing on the changing role of HR from being a support function to strategic function wherein HR Analytics has a great role to play by supporting the decisions based on verifiable facts derived from analysis of data on relevant behavioural and performance parameters.

The training program was divided into four sessions. The first session focused on providing an overview of HR Analytics. Wherein, five aspects of data viz., volume, velocity, veracity, variety and value were emphasized with respect to the business pertinent questions of workforce demand, workforce cost, quality of hire, optimum workforce mix, career velocity and competency dynamics. This session contained several practical examples drawn from the experiences of firms such as Google, CISCO, EBAY, IBM and GE that addressed the HR Capability to HR Skill gap.

The second session focussed on HR measurement methods. In this session, the importance of “Analytics Value Chain” that contains the progressive steps of opinion, data, metric, analytics, insights and action which helps an organization to move in stages from effort measures to efficiency measures and finally to effectiveness measures. Video clips and practical problem-solving exercises formed a part of this session.

The third and fourth sessions focussed on the importance of setting “right questions” which drive HR Analytics as means for effective prediction and cognitive analysis of what will transform the human beings into human resources which in turn would facilitate the business in the long-run. Thus, these two sessions highlighted the role of HR Analytics in helping an organization to reduce the encircling confusions by the application of statistical tools to its internal as well external environment.

Dr.Jitendra Kumar Mishra(Director-MIME) with Dr.Kuldeep Singh(Sr. Director (HR), UST Global) HR Analytics Training Program organized by MIME MIME Director Dr.Jitendra Kumar Mishra Training program on HR Analytics MIME organized training program on HR(Human Resource) Analytics
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