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Value added courses for PGDM

Value Added Courses for PGDM


JUx is an online learning and engagement platform whose primary focus is to create a virtual learning and social engagement experience that is accessible anytime, anywhere through convenient learning formats by connecting and collaborating with partners and stakeholders. This initiative of Jain University aims to improve the skill sets of the students and up skill working professional through skill-based certification programs in collaboration with Global Universities, Industry Partners, Aggregators and International Chartered Bodies which will help them find better employment opportunities.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn learning opens up a new horizon of learnings, especially for the young and emerging professionals. MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship has tied-up with LinkedIn to provide a lucrative learning platform for their students.

LinkedIn learnings provide more than 23,000 courses that are designed and tutored by professionals to help students develop competencies and skills required by the industries.

These program ranges from languages – literature and applied language – to professional skills leading, enabling you to establish a solid professional growth.

LinkedIn online courses allow you to learn the skills of your choice from the comfort of your home or office. Moreover, the courses conclude with competency mapping to test your acquired competency, at the end of which you receive a valid certificate.

Business English Certification

English as a language is the most advantageous skill to thrive in a professional environment. The way you speak and write English influences your communication and there-by the results. This helps you in effectively communicating a message that makes a positive impact or change in the recipients.

Most people are afraid of speaking in public, but effective oral communication is a key requisite to grow personally and professionally. The following courses provide simple communication tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and produce immediate results. It will help you to sound more confident, use appropriate body and language to better express ideas, and overcome anxiety. In the last chapter of the course, all these concepts are brought together in two real-world coaching exercises that will help you see the techniques in action.

Learning objectives
  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Speaking slowly, naturally, and confidently
  • Breathing properly
  • Using your body to reinforce speech
  • Managing facial expressions
  • Handling nervousness
  • Voice modulation, eye contact, and gestures

Master Microsoft Excel

Microsoft excel enhances your analytical and decision-making abilities. The opportunity this platform provides you is boundary-less. Many organizations use this platform for their business analytics and decision-making. Mastering this skill improves your employability skills and opportunities.

Employers around the world cite Microsoft Excel as one of the most sought-after skills for any new hire. This learning path helps you become an Excel power user-covering everything from functions and formatting to PivotTables and dashboards.

Learn how to use Excel's robust built-in formulas.

Become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) or MOS Expert.

Tableau Skills

Learning new techniques and tools is an aid for your professional success. Tableau is one of the most sought-after tools that enable you to express your ideas through pictures and visual media. We provide you a platform to experience a new skill that will enhance your analytical and presentation skills.

Tableau is a leading proprietary tool for data analytics and visualization. In this learning path, get the essential and extended training you need to enhance your Tableau skills.

Master the range of functionality that Tableau offers.

Discover the data visualization capabilities of Tableau.

Integrate Tableau and R for a more powerful analytics solution.

Online Marketing Manager

Online marketing managers play a crucial role in developing and implementing an organization's digital marketing strategy. Learn the vital skills and tactical know-how to begin to develop and implement a strategy that can help take your organization to the next level.

Discover online marketing best practices.

Learn how to use the latest tools to implement your strategy.

Explore advertising on popular social media platforms.

Sales Manager Skill Building

Sales managers lead professional teams to success by utilizing a variety of skills, from directing team focus and analyzing data to mentoring and developing a sales plan. Build a solid foundation to become a successful sales manager with this program.

Learn how to recruit, train, retain, and manage a high-performing sales team.

Motivate individual salespeople and teams with compensation and quotas.

Understand how to create and manage sales territories.

Financial Analyst Training

A financial analyst evaluates current and historical economic and business data to identify trends that influence business decisions. Gain the skills that make a successful financial analyst, including understanding financial statements, working with economic data, and analytical analysis skills.

Make business recommendations on investments.

Read and interpret financial statements.

Perform basic analysis of financial data.

Supply Chain Manager

There has never been a better time to explore a career as a supply chain manager. Supply chains are the global systems that connect and integrate procurement, operations, implementation, logistics, and more. The duration of this course is 18 hours 48 minutes.

Review roles and responsibilities of supply chain managers.

Study the system connecting operations, logistics, and more.

Build the knowledge and skills needed for supply chain jobs.

LEAP (Learning and Employability Advancement Program)

It consists of 2 separate certification Programs to be conducted by Asst. Prof Ganesh B, faculty of MIME. These will form a part of the regular timetable for 2nd-semester students. The overview of these programs is as follows:

Alpha Module - Contents
  • 1. What is Stock
  • 2. What is Stock Market and a Brief Introduction to Indian Markets and World Markets
  • 3. Functions of SEBI
  • 4. DEMAT ACCOUNT and Trading Account
  • 5. Role of Brokers
  • 6. Types of Participants in Stock Market
  • 7. Types of Orders
  • 8. Rolling Settlements
  • 9. Dividends
  • 10. IPO
  • 11. Need to Invest in Markets
  • 12. Common mistakes in Investing
  • 13. Various Investment alternatives
  • 14. Introduction to Mutual funds

Targeted Audience - Alpha Module can be taught to all the students who are in the 2nd semester and keen to learn about the stock market.

The total duration of the Alpha course is 5 hours

Delta Module - Contents
  • 1. Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • 2. Difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
  • 3. Study of Price and Volume Relationship
  • 4. Meaning of Trends and Types of Trends (Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideway trends)
  • 5. Technical Indicators
    • a. Moving Average
    • b. Double Crossover
    • c. Triple Crossover
    • d. RSI
    • e. Stochastics
    • f. MACD
    • g. Bollinger Bands
    • h. Fibonacci Retracement
    • i. Other Technical indicators
  • 6.Introduction to Candlesticks and Study of Candlestick Patterns

Targeted Audience - Delta Module can be covered in the 2nd or 3rd semester to students who are interested in the trading and investing domain.

The duration of the Delta Module is 10 hours

Omega Module

A separate Entrepreneurship training is given to all the students by the respective mentors to encourage the students to start up a business and trading activity with an initial investment of INR 5,000 per student.

Professional Certification From NCFM AND NISM

The Institute has embedded the curriculum of NCFM and NISM certificates on:-

  • NISM: Series 7: Securities Operations & Risk Management
  • NISM: Series 5A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification

The candidates will be eligible in taking up the aforesaid certification.

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