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Industry Speaks - A Webinar with Finance, Marketing, and HR Experts

12th June 2021
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MATS Institute of Management Entrepreneurship (MIME), JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), on June 12, 2021, organized an event titled “Industry Speaks”, a webinar on industry expectations in the new normal. In addition to industry expectations in the new normal, the webinar focused on skills and competencies required from young professionals and what young professionals can expect from industries in the post-Covid-19 world. A total of 188 participants attended the event which included students from MIME, JGI institutions, and faculty members of other institutions like Christ University, Ramaiah Institute of Management, T. John Institute of Management and Science, etc. Three senior professionals representing marketing, finance, and human resources addressed the participants as the keynote speakers.

The first keynote speaker was Mr. Ram, Chief Marketing Officer, K 7 Computing, Chennai. Mr. Ram, a domain expert, provided valuable insights into the field of marketing. He said, “Know your role; be clear about industry expectations.” He emphasized the importance of always being updated and reachable. He also cautioned students to not change their domains without a valid reason. He highlighted that finding the pain points both of an individual and the company is crucial. In his speech, he supported the idea of inventing new traditions through out-of-the-box thinking. He also said, “Your network is your net worth.” Mr. Ram also spoke about five buckets of customers and how to manage them. He shared seven tips to improve an individual’s profile to survive and grow in the professional field.

The second keynote speaker was Mr. KP Rangaraj, President and Group CFO, Himatsingka Seide Ltd, Bangalore. Mr. Rangaraj, a chartered and cost accountant with more than three decades of experience provided valuable insights into various aspects of finance as a domain. He spoke about analytical skills and data intelligence. He also advocated the ability to predict uncertainty, emotional intelligence, honesty, and integrity. He highlighted the significance of having the right attitude as it makes an individual eager to learn new things and avoid taking things for granted.

The third keynote speaker was Mr. Dominic Saavio, Head of Human Resources, Ford Motors, Chennai. Dominic is a well-experienced HR professional. He advocated the importance of shop-floor experience and said that everyone should experience it at least for a couple of years. He said that it is vital to align with the company’s work culture. He said, “My employees are my customers; keep them happy.” He also highlighted the need for flexibility and constant change through change in perspective and culture. He advised participants to think out-of-the-box, emotionally connect, respect, listen, know their roles, stay hungry for knowledge, complain less, and take a step back. He coined the abbreviation, "ASK; attitude, skill, and knowledge".

The webinar also included a session for queries where students were allowed to ask questions. The session included some very relevant questions followed by an informative answer or discussion. The keynote speakers were kind enough to e-mail their feedbacks where they expressed gratitude to the institution for inviting them and allowing them to share their knowledge. Many feedbacks were received from students as well and they were mostly positive. Overall the event was a success and provided valuable insights into finance, marketing, and human resources to guide young minds to get a clear picture and a better perspective.

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