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Workshop on Team Building

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) organized a workshop on “Team Building” for its Semester II,


2014-16 Batch students.

During the workshop Mr. Mohammad Younus, Consultant – Leaders and Ladders, Bangalore explained to students about the nuances of working in team and the group dynamics. Through different exercises and games students were made to work in team and make presentation of their work. The workshop offered the students an opportunity to have an experiential learning and thereby know where they stand and what the areas of improvement are with reference to working effectively in a team.

The learning outcomes of this workshop are team building is what the effective leaders do every day. The effective leaders do it because they are aware of the value of teamwork and they see how their attitudes and actions either build teamwork or break it down. When every member of the team becomes an effective leader, teamwork flourishes. Team-building requires awareness, and awareness requires action.

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