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Comparing Media Management and Sports Management in PGDM

18 March 2024

The PGDM has varied specialisations from different niches potential enough to create a notable stream in the vast realm of business and commerce. PGDM in media management delves into the challenging yet interesting field of media and communication. Whereas, sports management navigates its course structure into the exciting field of sports and games with a career-promising course structure. Both subjects are distinctive and relevant in today’s world for their subject value and underlying potential to scale up the business sector. Here is everything you need to know about Media Management and Sports Management post-graduate diploma in management programmes.

PGDM Media Management vs. Sport Management: Course Duration and Eligibility

The postgraduate diploma in management for media management and sports management has been structured for 2 years. In these two years, students are introduced to various theoretical papers along with practical and internship exposure.

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a PGDM in Media Management and Sports Management are having completed a bachelor’s degree with an overall aggregate accepted by the university. Having a prior background knowledge in the commerce field is a plus considering the course structure and syllabus.

PGDM Media Management vs. Sports Management: Course Curriculum

Media Management and Sports Management are two challenging yet interesting fields in the wide spectrum of commerce. The course structure is inclusive of varied skill-oriented practical activities, internships and theory papers.

Subjects included in PGDM Media Management:concepts and processes of management, information technology, managerial economics, consumer behaviour, marketing management, strategies, and much more to gain understanding and expertise in the field.

Subjects included in PGDM Sports Management:Managerial Economics, Accounting for Managers, Statistics for Business, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Computer Application for Business.

PGDM Media Management vs. Sports Management: Career Opportunities

PGDM in Media Management and Sports Management was formulated and licensed recently The subjects were brought to light and in the vicinity of students after thoroughly understanding the needs of the subject experts in the industry.

The job markets are highly inclusive these days as possibilities of growth and advancements in different industries are growing day by day.
Here are some of the career options for graduates of PGDM Media Management and PGDM Sports Management.

Career Options for Students Opting for Media Management:

  1. Media Manager: Leads a team of creative enthusiasts to create selling copies and creative content on multiple media platforms. They are also closely involved with ideation, creation, execution, post-production and distribution of projects.
  2. Social Media Manager: Engaged in overseeing and closely monitoring the company profile activities across the different mediums. Additionally, they are also involved in the marketing strategy for maximising outreach and lead conversion.
  3. Personal Brand Management Strategist: Engaged in understanding the vision of the company and pitches brand strategies and images to help the company achieve its targets.
  4. Marketing Manager: The marketing manager is involved in ideating, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans to generate customer interest in the company’s product/services and foster sales revenues.

Career Options for Students Opting for Sports Management:

  1. Event Coordinator: Engaged in planning and precise execution of the events adhering to the preset budget.
  2. Marketing Coordinator: Involved in overseeing and closely analysing the marketing strategies, execution and engagement with responses.
  3. Marketing Consultant: Gives advice and suggestions on innovative marketing strategies and guides clients on efficient execution.
  4. Sports Consultant: Reviews and analyses the trends in the industry and guides the clients likewise.
  5. Fitness Manager: Engaged with managing and operating the daily functions of a gym or a fitness centre.
  6. Talent Scout: Talent Scout is involved in assessing and shortlisting the right candidates for the sports and entertainment industry.
  7. Marketing Manager: The marketing manager is involved in ideating, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans to pitch in new sponsors and for the overall revenue generation.

In Short

Media Management and Sports Management specialisations for PGDM have grown incredibly in recent years for their market relevance and need for the right and knowledgeable skills.

The degree of relevance and acceptance are immense and recognised across the globe.

Choosing the right course as per your interest comes after a wide research and a thoughtful decision always roots to a successful and satisfactory career path. PGDM in media management and sports management are assuring of job opportunities and further, the courses are designed after vividly understanding the industry requirements.

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