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Legacy – JAIN Group

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The JAIN Group is committed to innovative growth, and speaks the new language of Education and Entrepreneurship. The JAIN Group has a massive workforce of over 10,000 personnel from 60 different sectors. As a leader in higher education and an active investor in the venture capital sector, JAIN Group continues to look for ways to expand in various landscapes to empower the youth. In the early 1990s, the JAIN Group, which began as an educational institute, created an exemplary tutoring system. With its creative and ground-breaking approach, it made ripples in the education sector and grew into an intellectual destination that attracts students from more than 85+ countries. JAIN Group now represents 77+ educational institutions at the K-12, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels, spread across more than 64 campuses and centres of excellence.

JAIN Group has invested in the incubation of multiple start-up businesses and is now on the path of success to achieve its ambitious growth and expansion goals across India. An energetic team of business and financial expertise makes up the organisation, and the JAIN Group has a strong network; that allows it to create a dynamic atmosphere that nurtures and fuels the creation of new businesses. The JAIN Group has mentored over 100+ entrepreneurs and founded over 50+ businesses in various industries, including IT, Financial Services, Home Decor, Hospitality, Restaurants, Music, Education, FMCG, Engineering, Real Estate, Niche Marketing, and more.