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Value Added Courses for PGDM

LinkedIn Learning
  • MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship has tied up with LinkedIn Learning to provide a lucrative virtual learning platform for the students.
  • It offers more than 23,000 certifications that range from languages, literature and professional skills.
  • The courses are designed and mentored by professionals to help students develop competencies to experience solid professional growth.
Business English Certification

The Business English Certification course is designed to provide simple communication tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and deliver immediate results. The certification helps the students to effectively communicate in English and create positive impact through their personality.The students will be trained through real-world coaching exercises so that they witness their techniques in action.

Learning objectives
  • Organising your thoughts
  • Speaking slowly, naturally, and confidently
  • Breathing properly
  • Using your body to reinforce speech
  • Managing facial expressions
  • Handling nervousness
  • Voice modulation, eye contact, and gestures
Master Microsoft Excel

Learning Microsoft Excel enhances the candidate’s analytical and decision-making abilities and provides them with boundary-less opportunities. The organisations around the world always look for skilled Microsoft Excel professionals for any position. The certification helps the students to gain mastery over MS Excel and become potential candidates for recruiters.

Learn: Excel's robust built-in formulas.

Become: Certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) or MOS Expert.

Tableau Skills

Tableau is a leading proprietary tool for data analytics and visualisation and is one of the most preferred tools that is used to express the ideas through pictures and visual media. The students will get the essential and extended training on Tableau skills from the industry experts.

Master: The range of functionality that Tableau offers.

Discover: The data visualisation capabilities of Tableau.

Integrate: Tableau and R Programming for a more powerful analytics solution.

Online Marketing Manager Training

The students will learn the vital skills and digital marketing concepts required to take their organisation to the next level. Online marketing managers play a crucial role in development of the organisation by implementing the digital marketing strategy.

Discover: Online marketing best practices.

Learn: Latest tools to implement your strategy.

Explore: Advertising on multiple Ad platforms.

Sales Manager Skill Building

The students are equipped with strong foundation skills that makes them exceptional sales managers. The sales managers are responsible to lead the professional teams for the growth of the organisation. They are responsible for directing team focus, analysing the data and preparing strategic sales plans for the growth of an organisation.

Learn: Recruitment, training, retaining, and management of a high-performing sales team.

Motivate: Individual salespeople and teams with compensation and quotas.

Understand: To create and manage sales territories.

Financial Analyst Training

The students are trained with the potential skills that can make them successful financial analysts. Their main responsibility is to evaluate current and historical economic and business data to identify trends that influence business decisions.

Make: Business recommendations on investments.

Read and Interpret: Financial statements with ease.

Perform: Basic analysis of financial data

Supply Chain Manager Training

The supply chain management deals with connecting and integrating the procurement operations with logistics and transportation. The students are trained on the crucial concepts of supply chain management and will be equipped to become employable as Supply Chain Managers.

Review: Roles and responsibilities of Supply Chain Managers.

Study: The system connecting operations, logistics, and more.

Build: The knowledge and skills needed for supply chain jobs.

LEAP (Learning and Employability Advancement Programme)

LEAP consists of 2 separate certification programmes that help the students to develop advanced employability skills. The LEAP will form a part of the regular timetable for 2nd-semester students.

The overview of the LEAP programmes is as follows:

1. Alpha Module

Alpha Module can be taught to all the students who are in the 2nd semester and are keen to learn about the stock market.

  1. What is Stock?
  2. What is Stock Market and a Brief Introduction to Indian Markets and World Markets?
  3. Functions of SEBI
  4. DEMAT ACCOUNT and Trading Account
  5. Role of Brokers
  6. Types of Participants in Stock Market
  7. Types of Orders
  8. Rolling Settlements
  9. Dividends
  10. IPO
  11. Need to Invest in Markets
  12. Common mistakes in Investing
  13. Various Investment alternatives
  14. Introduction to Mutual funds

Duration: 5 hours.

2. Delta Module

Delta Module is covered in the 2nd or 3rd semester to all the students who are interested in the trading and investing domain

  1. Introduction to Technical Analysis
  2. Difference between Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
  3. Study of Price and Volume Relationship
  4. Meaning of Trends and Types of Trends (Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideway trends)
  5. Technical Indicators
    • Moving Average
    • Double Crossover
    • Triple Crossover
    • RSI
    • Stochastics
    • MACD
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Fibonacci Retracement
    • Other Technical indicators
  6. Introduction to Candlesticks and Study of Candlestick Patterns

Duration: 10 hours

Entrepreneurship Development
Omega Module

A separate training module for developing entrepreneurial skills is given to all the students.. The Omega Module aims to encourage the students to start a business and trading activity with an initial investment of INR 5,000 per student.

Professional Certification From NCFM AND NISM

The Entrepreneurship programme has an integrated curriculum of NCFM and NISM certificates

  • NISM: Series 7: Securities Operations & Risk Management
  • NISM: Series 5A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification

All the interested students can join the above courses to improve their employability skills that are required to the current industry standards.