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Programme Structure (Approved by AICTE)

During the first year of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme, the students are trained on the core concepts of Management and Entrepreneurship. The programme provides a solid foundation in the Management discipline with Entrepreneurship skills. The students will be given a brief understanding of the different specialisations of the PGDM programme.


Orientation - Accounting, Principles of Management, Workshops & Events, Case Analysis Methodologies,

Two-day outbound Leadership programme.

Semester I
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Reporting and Control Analysis
  • Business Communication
  • Business Law
  • Organisational Behaviour & Principles of Management
  • Business Oriented Computer Applications
  • Organisational Study
Semester II
  • International Business
  • Business Research Method
  • Consumer Behaviour and Customer Relationship Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Management
  • Summer Internship Project

During the second year, the students get the opportunity to specialise in two areas – one in a Major subject and the other in their chosen Minor subject. The students can choose from the different specialisations such as Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources, along with the super specialisation of International Business.

The syllabus of PGDM programme and the electives in the different functional areas are as follows

Semester III
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing Elective 1
  • Marketing Elective 2
  • Marketing Elective 3
  • Marketing Elective 4
  • Finance/ HR Elective Subject 1
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 2
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 3
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 4
Semester IV
  • Marketing Elective 5
  • Marketing Elective 6
  • Marketing Elective 7
  • Marketing Elective 8
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 5
  • Finance/ HR Elective Subject 6
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 7
  • Finance / HR Elective Subject 8
  • Exim Management - Project Report & Viva Voce
Programme Supplements

The PGDM syllabus also trains the students with programme supplements that include Functional Labs, Concepts Review, Career Counselling, Group Discussion (GD), Interview Skills and many other skill-building activities.

Field Application

The students will get the opportunity to implement theoretical frameworks in the practical conditions during the Research Project and Summer Internship in any business firm for a period of six to eight weeks for better hands-on experience.