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MIME is a premier institute that is transforming students into world-class leaders and entrepreneurs. Every year talented students from different fields of Finance, Marketing and Human Resources are hired by global MNCs making the institute one of the most preferred destinations by recruiters.

Unique feature of Mime is Holistic Approach
Holistic Approach

The institute aims to inculcate the students with crucial abilities like critical analysis and decision-making skills. With cutting-edge technology and rigorous student feedback, the institute strives to achieve holistic development of the students.

Special  feature of Mime is  Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The institute offers the best PGDM programmes in Bangalore with a central focus on the development of Entrepreneurship and Leadership qualities in students. The programme is uniquely designed to meet the challenges of the new business world.

Unique feature of Mime is Quality Experience
Quality Experience

The faculty of the institute carry world-class expertise across the fields of management and business. The students are trained in an extremely well-researched and dynamic atmosphere that meets the current industry standards.

Unique feature of Mime is Range of Learning Method
Range of Learning Methods

The institute adopts multiple learning methodologies to teach the students through; Guest lectures, panel discussions, experiential learning, and workshops. The students are usually trained through psychometric instruments, real-life case studies and regular industry visits.

Unique charactersitcis of Mime is Personal Skills Development and Career Coaching
Personal Skills Development and Career Coaching

The students will be regularly guided by industry experts to develop team management skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking abilities, leadership and entrepreneurship qualities. The emphasis throughout the programme will be on the overall development of students.

PGDM College in Bangalore with best Faculties
Outstanding Facilities

With our state-of-the-art multimedia lecture halls. interactive web-based programme support, and excellent library facilities, we aim to ensure that students will be productive and enjoyable throughout the duration of the programme.

Unique quality of Mime is  Hub for Entrepreneurs
A Hub for Entrepreneurs

The CRCE-Chenraj Roychand Centre for Entrepreneurship aims at producing successful entrepreneurs. Till date, 50+ companies have been incubated and over 100+ entrepreneurs are mentored by CRCE. The areas of business operations extend to diverse sectors like hospitality, investment advisory, software services through telecommunication, interior design, hotel industry, niche marketing and educational services.

Mime ranked among the best B-schools for PGDM admissions in Bengaluru

The institute has consistently ranked among the best B-schools for PGDM admissions in Bengaluru since 2003.

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