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Lucrative Careers That You Can Explore With Digital Marketing Knowledge

05 December 2022

Are you considering digital marketing to be an advancement in your professional career? If yes, then you are on the right track. In short, digital marketing can prove to be an outstanding transformation in the growth and development of your professional career with an array of lucrative career options.

Needless to say, different career opportunities available for digital marketing professionals are quite different from each other in terms of prerequisites (skills, expertise, experience, aptitude, and so on). Whether you would like to start or switch your career to the technical domain or the business & management field, you would face no dearth of options revolving around marketing jobs.

Best-in-class Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing Professionals
It is time to explore a couple of in-demand career opportunities for competent digital marketing professionals:

Content Managers and Strategists:
Needless to say, a content management professional makes up an integral part of a digital marketing team. As a content manager and strategist, you would need to work on almost every area of marketing to help your organisation reach a new level. However, the job role is not just about writing content and creating social media campaigns.

Moreover, as a content manager, you need to craft best-in-class and SEO-optimized content. Also, you have to know how to store, organize, and manage your content in the best possible way.

You ought to have a clear understanding of using content in various steps of your marketing strategy. Needless to say, having knowledge about sharing high-quality content on the most suitable social media channels are also imperative in this regard.

A competent content manager and strategist can expect to earn approx. $61,000 and above annually.

SEO and SEM Professional:
When it comes to creating an effective digital marketing campaign, it is impossible to exclude SEO and SEM specialists from the team. An SEO/SEM professional comes with a combined knowledge of digital marketing and technical aspects of a website. Nonetheless, an SEO/SEM specialist with high-level management expertise and experience can expect to earn more than others in this domain.

Needless to say, almost every business, irrespective of the industry, wants to achieve an excellent rank in SERP. That is why the demand for competent SEO and SEM specialists is on the rise.

Did you know the industry is witnessing a shortage of top-notch SEO specialists? And the demand for competent SEM professionals is increasing at approx 100% every year. Therefore, if you have solid expertise and experience in SEO and SEM, then you can expect golden opportunities awaiting you in your professional career.

The average annual salary of a qualified SEO/SEM specialist is approx $49,174. On the other hand, experienced professionals can expect to earn at least $66,000 per year.

Email Marketing Expert:
As an email marketing professional, you need to prove your worth as a competent marketer in terms of copywriting and editing. As a result, you can succeed to land a high-paying job in your dream company with an outstanding salary package.

Email marketing professionals can start earning around $57,000 USD (average base salary), which can reach up to $65,000 based on experience.

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