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Ways to boost your career from a PGDM course in International Business

07 September 2021

PGDM course in International Business (IB) is an excellent choice if you wish to pursue a career in this fast-paced dynamic business world. The post-graduate diploma course will educate you in international trade and practice, cross border rules of trading, along you can explore the work ethics of the global business ecosphere. You will also develop intrapersonal skills of communication with people of various origins and cultures. Isn’t it obvious when a course offers you so much to learn, you will naturally have a prosperous career.

Let us now list in what ways this PGDM course can boost your career.

1. High demand job sector - Corporate giants have their operation base throughout the world where they have to deal with international customers. But did you know that a survey conducted by US Forex revealed that almost 58% of even small businesses have international customers? The number is expected to grow by 72 % in the coming years. You can imagine the number of job opportunities this sector is going to generate in the future.

2. Enhances Entrepreneurship skills - As this course equips you with skills and perceptions of international business, it will pave a smooth path for your entrepreneurial dreams as well. However, every international business has a huge customer base, fluctuation in revenues, various product cycles, and a lot more. With a PGDM in IB, you can acquire a critical role in the operation of an organization.

3. Gain a competitive advantage over others - No matter you have your own business or you are working at an international level or working for an organization that is associated with international business, cross-culture and cross country working is essential. So if you already have a perspective about international correspondence you will gain a competitive advantage over others.

The PGDM Super Specialization in International Business & EXIM offered by Mats Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) provides you a perception of the following aspects of international Business

  • Foreign Trade Management
  • Managing Partnership and Networks
  • International Financial Reporting
  • MNC Logistics and SCM
  • Negotiation Skills for International Business Geopolitics
  • MNC Corporate Governance
  • International Derivatives Markets

It is a four-semester detailed study on various intricate aspects of foreign trade and international business. Our comprehensive syllabus will teach you how to compete and win in the global business ecosphere. Not only we will prepare you for boosting the performance of your organization, but you will also be ready to face the challenges of the global market.

4. Lucrative high paying jobs – Top tier corporate houses like Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, FedEx, Blue Dart, ONGC, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Pepsi, etc. who have their operation running on in various places of the world need people who have an internationally focused style of thinking. You will be eligible for applying for high paying respectable roles like:

  • International Finance Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Export Manager
  • International Customer Relations Manager
  • International Business Development Manager etc.

5. Scope of International Travel – Foraying in the world of studying International Business, you will explore multiple opportunities for traveling to various parts of the world both for academic and professional purposes. While pursuing your PGDM course in International Business from MIME, you will be associated with a lot of collaborators, internships, and training which will give you ample scope of traveling to a domestic and international destination.

6. Self Enhancement and Great Intra-Personal Skill – Our PGDM course in International Business is a comprehensive amalgamation of management, trade, sales, marketing, and aspects related to international law and economics. You will also get acquainted with principles and techniques of ethical negotiation and distributive justice, theories of negotiation, signalling, argumentation, and real options. The course further will groom you to with a distinctive personal negotiation position and style.

Sounds exciting, Doesn’t it? So take your first step in the world of opportunities and kick start your career graph with PGDM Super Specialization in International Business & EXIM.

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