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What is the scope of PGDM in International Marketing?

Lucrative Carrer with  International Marketing

20 September 2021

We all are aware of the fact that the demand for management professionals is ever-increasing. Hence a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is highly sought after by students and corporate professionals equally for better career prospects. There are numerous specializations in which you can pursue this course, but if you wish to have a career in the field of import and export, or if you have a knack for handling foreign customers, PGDM in International Marketing can be a great option.

On completion of this course, you can find numerous opportunities in sectors of Foreign Trade and International Business. Throughout the course, you will gain necessary insights into the nitty-gritty of international business so that you can be well equipped to hold managerial positions in the global market. The school of academics was first initiated by the American Institute of Foreign Trade in 1946 and since then, the course has been proving highly beneficial to students worldwide.

What will PGDM in International Marketing will teach you?

As defined by eminent marketing author Dr. Philip Kotler:

"Marketing is the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programmes designed to bring about desired exchanges with target audiences for the purpose of mutual or personal gain"

International marketing comprises of two sections – technical and social. Though International and Domestic Marketing are identical on the technical part which includes the non-human components like products, brands, cost, etc. They rather differ on social aspects that involve human elements like consumer behaviour based on demographic features, traits of specific communities, and their values. Any comprehensive course on International Marketing teaches students how consumer behaviour shifts with border changes. For example, PGDM Marketing with International Marketing specialization by MIME teaches the following skills to its students:

  • Competent marketing skills with a strong understanding of different marketing concepts and techniques.
  • The capability of understanding area-specific consumer behaviour and how it changes with change in demographics.
  • Studying at MIME you will be able to differentiate or find similarities between two or more different markets.
  • Acquiring the skills of organizing, planning, coordinating, and controlling real-time market scenarios.

Scopes of PGDM International Marketing

The primary objective of PGDM in International Marketing is to prepare you to face the challenges of the multinational business ecosphere. If you wish to foray into the world of International Marketing, you will have to face challenges like:

  • Managing multiple teams,
  • Identifying business challenges both domestic and international
  • Finding a solution for business challenges
  • Improving business performance
  • Competitor analysis

MIME's PGDM course on International Marketing prepares you for facing all these challenges, additionally providing you extensive insight to adopt managerial and consulting roles. After successful completion of this course, you join both the private or public sectors or be an entrepreneur. Not only in India this specialization can help you grab even global opportunities. Your prospective job titles would be

  • International business consultant
  • International Business Development Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Global Business Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Domains like Fintech, Securities, Banking, Retail and Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism have high requirements for professionals experienced in International Marketing.

The global labour market is dynamic, so at MIME we train our students to think innovatively and make effective decisions relying on the knowledge of our extensive curriculum designed by industry experts. So take the first step of a flourishing career with our PGDM in International Marketing.

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