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Why a PGDM in Human Resource Makes for Top Industry Jobs

Why a PGDM in Human Resource Makes for Top Industry Jobs

16 April 2021

PGDM in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Department plays a very important role in any organization. The field of human resources interacts with various other fields such as psychology, economics, management, communication, sociology, and science. Companies these days lookout for talented candidates in the field of HR to help them handle their workforce. This is one of the topmost reasons why colleges offer PGDM in Human Resource Management (HRM) courses.

PGDM in HRM is a two-year management program that offers many opportunities in recruiting and staffing processes. This program is carefully designed to provide eligible, suitable, efficient, and competent HR professionals with great knowledge of business to all sectors. This program teaches building a systematic approach to managing people in a company.

Skill Development

PGDM in HRM teaches a student the most important skills of all, people skills. Managing people can be the toughest job of all and studying HRM will help students understand various strategies and processes on how to remunerate employees, motivate them as and when they need it, improve employee relations, resolve any employee issues, etc.

Scope of PGDM in Human Resource Management

The one common asset in any industry is the Human Resource Department. And that is why the future scope of those that choose PGDM in HRM is plenty. A few of the job profiles are listed below.

Training and Development Manager

The main role of a Training and Development Manager is to create development programs for the employees, train those who are new to the company and also the existing ones if needed. Evaluating and assigning the responsibilities to the employees is also one of the major roles of this profile.

IT Recruitment Specialist

An IT Recruitment Specialist recruits those who have applied for the technical positions in the company. It is the sole responsibility of the IT Recruiter to hire a technically sound candidate for the available positions in the company.

Employee Relation Manager

The main role played by an Employee Relation Manager is to maintain a database of all the employees in that company and keep a track of the leaves, salary, etc. Maintaining good relations with the employee and creating a non-dispute work environment for the employees is also a part of this job role.

HR Generalist

HR Generalist plays the main role in the decision-making process of the company. An HR Generalist is responsible for staffing, space management, employee orientation, professional and personal development of all the employees, etc.

Staffing Director

The whole and sole responsibility of Staffing Director is recruiting new staff for the company. The Staffing Director is also responsible for those employees and will be accountable if anything goes wrong with them.

Compensation Manager

The compensation Manager formulates the payroll and compensation policies for the company. The Compensation Manager is also required to keep those policies updated as per the changing government regulations.

If you feel your qualities include being a people person, managing a large group, and hunt talent, then pursuing a PGDM in Human Resource Management is the right choice for you.

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