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Why PGDM in Marketing Should be your Next Academic Step for Career Growth

PGDM in Marketing Should be your Next Academic Step for Career Growth

20 July 2021

With the rise of corporate culture and the complex nature of human capital, management jobs have become an extremely popular career choice among youth. There are various concentrations available at the graduate and post-graduate levels to provide students the beginning ladder required to make a career in management or become an entrepreneur. One of the most sought-after choices is Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) with a concentration in Marketing.

The concept of PGDM courses combines theoretical knowledge and industry exposure across all functional areas of a specific domain. Marketing being the backbone of businesses, has become the favorite specialization of students aspiring to pursue PGDM courses. Since PGDM as a course focuses more on practical learning and real-time industry exposure it becomes an ideal choice for professionals looking for a course to enhance their core knowledge for climbing up the corporate ladder.

PGDM in Marketing is a contemporary professional course specially designed to make students gurus in the area of marketing. The course content of PGDM in Marketing includes fundamentals, theory-based knowledge, and practices of marketing, with a focus on modern trends and concerns of businesses and markets. This program aims at producing professionally trained individuals to occupy leadership or managerial roles in the domain of marketing in established business organizations of different economic sectors. The prominent job roles post pursuing PGDM in Marketing could include market research analyst, marketing executive, marketing manager, brand manager, new product manager, advertising manager, marketing communications manager, sales manager, etc.

Reasons to Pursue PGDM in Marketing:

A Good Start to Career: A simple graduation degree is not enough to acquire a prominent position, one either requires relevant work experience or a professional course. A PGDM in Marketing offers an ability-based learning model that helps you in developing core domain skills and preparing to face the challenges in the marketing domain. The course content makes you professionally ready by introducing you to necessary industry exposure beforehand.

Career Boost: PGDM in Marketing is ideal for entry-level marketing professionals looking forward to pursuing a certification or diploma to gain core knowledge and climb up the corporate ladder. Since the program’s approach is practical, industry-oriented, and contemporary individuals get to learn a lot. It provides them an edge over others when it comes to promotions or getting hired.

In-demand Course: Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a business, the demand for marketing jobs never dies down and this makes PGDM in Marketing a favorable option. The course provides you skills and knowledge to make a career in the most popular domain of the job market.

High Employability: What makes PGDM in Marketing more promising is the high rate of employability that follows the program. You will immediately find good jobs in reputed companies right after completing the course. The fact that marketing directly impacts profits, organizations employ a good number of people to ensure the optimal functioning of the department. So, there is always a surplus of jobs in the marketing domain.

Personality Development: Meeting new people and interacting with them is an integral part of marketing jobs. A marketing professional needs strong communication and persuasion skills to convince customers and investors to act in the favor of the company. A good and confident personality is a prerequisite for being a marketing professional. PGDM in Marketing offers holistic personality development through qualities like leadership, teamwork, communication, and confidence.

Career Options: Marketing is a diverse domain and offers a wide range of professional roles and responsibilities. The emergence of digitization has given marketing a whole new branch known as digital marketing. Marketing as a domain is vast, and so are the career opportunities that it offers. A PGDM in Marketing is the best way to set off on a journey comprising a promising career.

Good Salary: Pursuing PGDM in Marketing enables students to acquire well-paying marketing domain jobs. Since marketing is directly related to generating profits, companies don’t mind paying a handsome salary to marketing professionals. In addition to regular salaries marketing professionals are entitled to commission which further increases the earning potential. Also, it is a great option for working professionals who want salary increment through internal promotion or job switch.

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