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Guest Lecture on How to Handle Organisation Development Projects for Organisational Effectiveness

22 February 2023

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME) organised a Guest Lecture on ‘How to handle Organisation Development Projects’ on February 10, 2023 for the students of Semester IV PGDM 2021-2023 batch. The objective was to blend the conceptual knowledge of Organisational Development into real organisational practices and how this could help in solving organisational issues. The guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Subin Muraleedharan, OD Manager Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) - London based Philanthropic organization)

Mr Subin is an electronic engineer and also alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He is certified in design thinking from QGLUE. He is also engaged in conducting organisational development classes for the executive batches at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Mr. Murleedharan is known for conducting workshops on applied system thinking at ISRO, McKinsey and Wells Fargo. His areas of expertise and experience range from design thinking, innovation of all kinds like products, processes, and business models to handling OD Projects in multinational companies. He has been a guest speaker on organizational development, innovation, and systems thinking at various forums and management institutes.

The guest lecture by Mr. Subin at MIME gave the students exposure on issue tree, various problem solving tools and the MECE (Mutually exclusive and collectively exhausted) approach for identifying the organisational problems and its applications with the help of activated situations from life of product managers and cases. During the session, students were asked to prepare an issue tree followed by a discussion on how it should be rightly done. 

The workshop was highly focused on the scope and importance of organisational development discipline. Many examples were given in the form of cases about the success stories of the organisations and live interviews of the product managers in McKinsey, Bain, & BCG. The entire session was well acknowledged by the students and gave them an idea to build a career in the field of OD.