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Kal aaj aur Kal: A farewell worth remembering

08 May 2023

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship bid farewell to their 2021-23 Batch of students on 13th April 2023. The grand affair titled “Oscars” was held in the auditorium and attended by faculty, staff, and fellow students. The festivities left the students feeling excited and nostalgic at the same time.

The event began with the lightning of lamp by Director, Dr Jitendra Kumar Mishra and the senior students, followed by a prayer song. After welcoming the senior students and staff, the Director shared encouraging words of wisdom. He spoke about how the past must always be considered as a lesson and that students should develop an optimistic outlook while taking up any new endeavors, assignments and challenges in their personal or professional life. He wished the students great success in their life.

Next came a very moving presentation, prepared by the 1st year PDGM students that reminded the going out batch of their time in the course and how the classrooms were a home away from home for them. A student representative took the mic next and thanked the faculty and management for providing them with a conducive learning environment and for imparting valuable knowledge and skills. Many final year students came forward to share their experience and memories of the time they’ve spent here that left everyone in the auditorium with teary-eyes.

The event was not just a walk along memory lane. Students had prepared performances to keep the guests entertained. The musical performances and dance routines kept up the celebratory mood amid the emotional and heart-warming day.

As the event drew to a close, the faculty members addressed the students, praising their hard work and dedication and wished them success in their future endeavours. In the end, students were presented with mementos as a token of appreciation for their contributions to the institution. The farewell was a joyous occasion that marked the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the students, who went back home with a bountiful of heartfelt goodbyes.