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MIME Alumni Meet 2021

	MIME Institute Alumni Meet 2021

13 October 2021

The alumni of an educational institution bear the testimony of its goodwill and ability to transform lives. An alumni meet is much more than just a social gathering filled with fun and old memories; it is the blueprint for success created by seniors for current and future batches. The MIME Alumni Association (MAA), functioning under the MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME), organized Milan, the alumni general body meeting, on September 25, 2021, at the MIME campus located in Jayanagra, Bengaluru. All the alumni of MIME were cordially invited by Professor Dr. A. Sakthivel, Faculty Coordinator - MIME Alumni Association (MAA).

Dr. H Muralidharan, Director - MIME and Secretary – MAA, marked the beginning of the event by lighting a lamp. He then felicitated all the alumni office bearers with a flower bouquet and addressed the gathering. Mr. Nithin, President – MAA, presided over the function, and Mr. Rishi Nandan, Secretary - MAA, delivered the annual report for the year 2020-21. Alumni office bearers for the year 2021-22 were chosen during the event and Dr. H Muralidharan honored all the office bearers with a memento. Mr. Mohammed Sharooq, Vice President – MAA, explained the responsibilities of alumni office bearers to the newly elected office-bearers. Dr. H Muralidharan emphasized the need to have an advisory committee to lead the office bearers, have greater coordination, and pass on the values of MIME to the young generations. He suggested forming a 'Founder Member Team' to oversee the functioning of the alumni association and render timely advice to the upcoming members. Members requested the outgoing office bearers to continue as founder members and asked for their guidance in steering the association further.

Elected Office Bearers for the Year 2021- 22
No Name Designation and Location Role
1 Mr. Mohamed Ozair Pasha (2019) Tax Consultant, Deloitte, Hyderabad President
2 Mr. Akshay Kumar Taxak (2020 Territory Sales Supervisor, MRF Ltd. Belgaum Vice President
3 1. Mr. Ashwini Singh (2019)
2. Mr. Varad Puranik (2020)
1. Sales Officer, Nestle India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
2. Key Accounts Executive ITC Ltd, Bangalore
Secretary (Administrator)
4 Ms. Trivedi Hirva Rajeshbhai (2020) Tax Analyst Deloitte Tax LLP, Bangalore Joint Secretary (Admin)
5 1. Ms. Nishitha(2019)
2. Ms. Sonali Muddebihal (2020)
1. Entrepreneur, Bangalore
2. Entrepreneur, Belgaum
Secretary (Media Communication)
6 Mr. Chandra Shekar Reddy Gujjula (2021) Management Trainee-HR BOSCH, Bangalore Joint Secretary (Media Communication
7 Mr. Mohamed Naveed Khan (2019) Associate, KPMG, Kochi Treasurer


Alumni Association Executive Members for 2021-22
No Name Designation and Location Role
1 Mr. Sai Prashanth Nomula (2018) AVP, wealthy.in, Bangalore Member
2 Ms. Ritu Mishra (2019) Account Manager, CNN News 18
CNBC TV 18, Bangalore
3 Mr. Katta Nikhil Kumar (2019) Deputy Manager, ICICI Bank,
Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu
4 Ms.Rashmi (2019) Senior Cloud Analyst,
Oracle Corporation, Bangalore
5 Ms. Monisha (2019) Sales Executive, Spectra
Technovision, Bangalore
6 Ms. M R Varsha (2020) Business Analyst, VMware, Bangalore Member


Founder Members and advisors of Alumni-MIME
No Name Designation and Location Role
1 Mr. Nithin B (2017) Managing Director, Hotel Millennium Plaza, Bangalore Founder Member and Advisor
2 Mr. Mohammed Sharooq (2017) Consultant – Engagement Financial Adviser, Deloitte Consulting Pvt. Ltd Founder Member and Advisor
3 Mr. Rishi R Nandan (2017) Brand Executive, ITC Foods Limited, Bangalore Founder Member and Advisor
4 Ms. Divija Prakash (2017) Senior HR, Dell EMC, Bangalore Founder Member and Advisor
5 Mr. Rahul K (2017) Assistant Manager, ICICI Asset Management Company, Bangalore Founder Member and Advisor