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Panel Discussion on Expectations of Industry from Young Budding Managers

MIME orgainized a Panel Discussion on Expectations of Industry from Young Budding Managers

17 August 2022

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME), as part of the orientation program for the new batch of students, organised a panel discussion on What are the Industry Expectations from Young Managers on 9th July 2022. The goal of the panel discussion was to help the students understand how the needs of the industry are evolving so they may refocus their efforts on learning new knowledge and skills during their two years of study at MIME.

The panel discussion had many industry experts address the significant shifts and trends that are being discussed and implemented by the corporate houses. Mr. Rengarajan, President (Finance) and Group CFO of Himatsingka Seide Ltd, Ms. Salitha, Vice President of Maverik Systems, Mr. Rajesh Srinivasan, a modern marketing strategist, were the esteemed panellists.

The panellists familiarised the students with industry expectations. They highlighted the importance of initiative-taking, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Further, the panellists provided insights into the expected industry changes in the near and distant future due to Covid-19. They also discussed the trends and their impact on the job market. The panellists, with their rich and diverse experiences, educated the students on how they need to utilise their two years PGDM program to enhance their employability skills against the changing expectations from the industry.

The fresh batch of students really appreciated the session, which was centred on communication skills, technical skills, openness to changing work cultures, being a problem solver, various expertise, digitalisation, and artificial intelligence. The panel discussion was followed by a question and answer session, which provided a platform for the newly admitted students to clarify their doubts and concerns.