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Mime College's Placement Success Stories

29 May 2018

Hi, I'm Akhil, a student of MIME. Talking about the two-year journey at MIME, it’s been a transformational process for me; from being an introvert person to being a successfully-placed student in a reputed company. Speaking of the education at MIME, MIME being a specialist in the marketing field, also provides a dual-specialization program in Finance or HR. This offers multiple opportunities for the students in their jobs and be successful.

When it comes to the faculty, I think they are very friendly with the students and most of them are from the industry. So, the students get more industry-based knowledge and be practical towards their work in the corporate field. MIME provides a good start to students in their careers. Being placed at HDFC Bank as a Relationship Manager, as a fresher, it is a very good opportunity for me to start my career.

The placement team at MIME, is very sophisticated with experienced people working in it. The team promised to provide qualitative and customized job specification and CTC to the students so that the students can get into the best companies with the best packages. The placement process at MIME offers a sophisticated training program, where they bring in the alumni placed in different companies, to train the students. They also track the students in different interview processes that they have failed in, and provide them with special training where they lack. This also builds up self-confidence in the students.

My interview process was like travelling on a rocky hill. There were many ups and downs as I have faced four failed interviews. I have done my internship in a finance company. But the role that HDFC offered me was from the marketing field. So they asked me, “You have done an internship in a finance company. But you are trying to get placed in a marketing company. How can you manage it?” This was the toughest question that I faced during the HDFC interview.

I answered saying, "Finance is the base in every company. The job that HDFC is offering is of a Relationship Manager, where I require knowledge of the finance field. So, having knowledge in the finance field and implementing it in the marketing field would result in me performing better."

My suggestion to my juniors and the aspiring students is that: Teachers open the doors of success, but it is you who should enter into that door. And finally, I thank my Director and all my teachers who have helped me reach this stage. I'm proud of being a MATSONIAN.

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