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Swaroopini Rao K R

Success Stories of Placements at Mime College

12 February 2018

My name is Swaroopini Rao K R and I am a proud student of MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (MIME). I take the privilege to share my placement story.

I opted for PGDM course where I was offered a dual specialization in Marketing and Finance. MIME being one of the finest colleges for a management course, has helped me gain an enriching experience which every student wishes to have. MIME also had the best faculty who helped me open my mind, to be confident, and made my skills expand by building a strong knowledge base for my career.

In the past two years, MIME has given us massive opportunities to be a part of the corporate sector and excel in the fields where our interest lies. The icing on the cake was the placement department which had strongly supported us and made our skills improve. From the initial days, we were asked to join the placement club where we received extensive training on soft skills and had regular mock sessions on aptitude tests and attend group activities and discussions that made us perfectionists on the D-day.

One fine day we were asked to attend the induction round by KPMG. The representatives from KPMG gave all the details about the company and told us what they were expecting from the students and also the profiles they were looking to hire. During their talk, when one of the representatives mentioned about Audit Associate – I was overly joyed. I personally keep interest in this field and when it was from a company like KPMG, who would simply let it go!

From the day of induction, we had a week’s time when we had the first round, which is the aptitude round. I clearly qualified and went for the Group discussion round, which was next in line. Here, I was really scared. I was nervous but somehow I calmed myself down and had a quality discussion. Thankfully I cleared it and faced the interview round.

With a tinge of nervousness and confidence, I went ahead. Thankfully the HR was friendly and sweet. She asked me various questions to which I answered. During the interview, I realized how important it is to remain calm and confident even if you are scared.

Coming to the results, I was selected and finally bagged the job of "Audit Associate", I wished for the longest. Thus, whenever you are in a similar situation, my suggestion to you is “Be confident and you will come out with flying colors of victory."

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