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Internships and Projects

The curriculum at MIME offers a judicious blend of concepts and practice. Students are encouraged and facilitated to engage with industry in form of two mandatory internships – Organizational Study and Summer Internship; Live Projects, OJTs etc. Students are additionally assigned Industry Mentor who helps them develop an understanding of the nuances of business and industry.

The details of the Internships and Projects are as follows:

After First Semester of the PGDM program, every student is required to undertake an “organizational study” for a period of four weeks in an organization of repute. The organizational study is aimed at providing an opportunity to the students to enhance their perspective about intricacies of management and workplace. The study is required to include analysis of business environment including government, competition, internal processes including strengths and weaknesses along with ways and means for improvement of internal integration/co-ordination which will be useful to the organization.

Schedule: Four Weeks during November 15 – December 31, 2017

Students are required to undergo an internship for a period of eight weeks after their second semester of the Program. Students are expected to do their internship with a suitable organization and undertake a detailed research project on some of the issues/problems/challenges faced by the organization pertaining to their chosen area of specialization.

Schedule: Eight Weeks during April 25 – June 30, 2018

Students are encouraged to undertake Live Projects with the suitable organizations throughout their course of study except during the internships. For Live Projects students can work part time after their class hours or for full day on Saturdays and Sundays. Students are expected to hone skills to work on variety of projects and gain insight about the issues involved in the projects undertaken.

Schedule: Throughout the Program except during Examination and scheduled Internships

Interested students are facilitated to work on part time basis beyond the class hours and gain relevant experience while studying.

Schedule: Throughout the Program except during Examination and scheduled Internships