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MIME - A place for highly ambitious, talented students who want to excel in career and become hardcore professionals in management. MIME has a diverse learning community, with students from every state and countries across the world.

We have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained high levels of student satisfaction. MIME is ranked among

top business schools in India for PGDM

. MIME brings in leadership with a blend of academic rigour and a hands-on applicability to real-world issues.

Students at MIME are in the unique position to experience a completely different way of education. MIME offers many programs which creates a setting that presents a myriad of opportunities that will supplement and accentuate the student life experience. We believe that one of the best reflection of our faculty is how our students feel and here are the reviews of few of our students.

Here you'll find some of our current students' testimonials
MIME PGDM College Student - K S Jayanth
K S Jayanth - Full time PGDM Graduate 2015-2017

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart"

MIME PGDM Student - Pooja V Iyer
Pooja V Iyer - Full time PGDM Graduate 2015-2017

"MIME has an excellent learning environment"

MIME Review from Student - Watson Melrick Fernandes
Watson Melrick Fernandes - Full-time PGDM Graduate 2015 -2017

"Studying at MIME has been one of the best decisions I have made"

MIME Review from Mohammed Sharooq
Mohammed Sharooq - Full-time PGDM Graduate 2015 -2017

"My experience at MIME has been an enlightening one"