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5 Tips to crack your PGDM Admission Interview?

5 Tips to crack your PGDM Admission Interview

11 April 2023

Importance of CAT Score and Tips to Crack PGDM Interview Questions:
Have you finally decided to pursue your MBA? Well, that’s a great choice that you have made because a degree in MBA will bring you golden opportunities for career progression. But the journey to an MBA is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is definitely not something that you will get just because you applied for it. The journey to an MBA is not about ‘being interested, but ‘being passionate’!

To be able to make it through the MBA, you need to crack the MBA admissions tests. One such commonly conducted national-level entrance exam is the CAT, or Common Admission Test, which is organised by the Indian Institute of Management. Professionals and students intending to attend prestigious business schools most often prepare for the CAT. A good CAT score allows students to secure a seat in top-tier B-schools for MBA and PGDM admissions. The CAT test is a national-level examination that is widely accepted across the country, and it provides candidates with a gateway to top business schools to acquire competency in management. Following are a few reasons why an MBA or PGDM candidate should take the CAT test for admission into top business schools.

What is the fate of CAT in India?

There are hundreds of top management institutes in India that accept the CAT score every year. Since it is a national-level examination, the number of colleges that give precedence to it is endless. But, it should be remembered that every specific B-school generates its own specific cut-off list to conduct a fair assessment of the percentile of each student.

B-schools and colleges that accept high percentile scores are usually among the best MBA or PGDM institutions. However, many B schools equally stress evaluation of candidate profiles, skills, academics, and extracurriculars in the screening rounds for admission to the MBA/PGDM. Students who fail to score highly in their CAT test can also be helped through institutes that accept the average percentile, as they provide quality education and reliable placement opportunities.

How Does the CAT Score Affect Admission to Top Business Schools?

You must be wondering: amidst all other entrance examinations, why should one choose the CAT? This is because a good score in the CAT helps the students study at a renowned business school that sharpens their leadership and managerial skills.

  • Increases Students’ Potential
    CAT allows students to tap into their potential to become innovative leaders in business organizations. They can also transform ideas into reality when they enrol in the right MBA or PGDM programme. Getting an MBA or PGDM degree expands their knowledge base and gives them the skills required in the business world.
  • Access to Leading B-Schools in India
    Students who score well in the CAT are qualified to study at a renowned business school that helps them develop leadership and management skills. These business schools prepare students to work in innovative ways in business environments. Furthermore, CAT scores also prepare them to handle complex challenges at their workplace in the future.
  • CAT augments chances of better placement
    A typical characteristic of B-schools that accept CAT scores is their outstanding placement programmes. The record for 100% placement at some B-schools is even quite impressive. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in management are generally required to appear for the CAT exam. This is because the CAT is the first step in PGDM admissions and offers students excellent opportunities to promote their careers.

    Leaders and business professionals who possess distinguishing leadership and business skills are more likely to get a good job and a high salary package in the industry. Also, they get to take part in an extremely lucrative internship programme that will ultimately help them receive good job offers. In conclusion, a good percentile in the CAT exam opens up a plethora of options for students to realise their dreams. With a high salary package, a reputable position, a good profile, and a reputable job, it brightens their future.
Effective Tips to Crack Your PGDM Admission Interview

Imagine that you are done with your CAT and have achieved your dream score. Will you get access to your dream business school now? No, not that easy at all. CAT is just the stepping stone because what follows next can be cumbersome for many students, especially if you are an introvert!

Yes, we are talking about the personal interview rounds, or PI rounds, that are often taken to qualify you completely for the MBA programme. Interviews can be aggravating and tiresome, be they for employment or higher studies. If you wish to enter the best PGDM college in India, the first hurdle you will have to cross is qualifying for the interview process.

Though it is not a situation to panic about, but it is not too casual either, you will have to make a good impression on the interviewers, and you must portray a positive attitude towards achieving a successful business career. A fair chance of your successful entry into business school depends on a good interview. A major part of your interview question will deal with your personal life, your experiences, and your attitude towards business studies. To excel in the interview, you will have to exhibit your best capabilities to the interviewers and stay calm and focused against all adversities. So, to help you in your endeavours, we have come up with some tips that can aid you in cracking your PGDM admission interview and giving you the final boarding ticket to your MBA flight!

  • Prepare for a basic set of questions
    Refer to the questions below:
    "Tell us something about yourself."
    "Describe some of your best achievements."
    "What is your goal down the road in five years?"
    You will have to handle such questions tactfully. Instead of narrating your fears, you must describe to them how you handled your fears, what you learned from those incidents, and how you emerged stronger from them.
  • Be thorough with your CV and answer accordingly.
    The panellists are always eager to know what you can bring new to the table. So, you must be cautious about how you present yourself, your skills, qualifications, and experience (if any). However, writing them alone may not be enough. You must know what you are writing so that if the interviewers ask anything related to it, you can confidently answer them. You must bear in mind that the panellists don’t ask questions related to the PGDM course; they would like to ask questions related to your hobbies, qualifications, and past experience(s) that you have mentioned in it.
  • Be organised and show your best self.
    Pack all the requirements for the interview and keep them organised chronologically the day before your interview. Take a printout of your resume, copies of your academic qualifications and other achievements, and your reference list chronologically, so that whenever you need to show them you do not have to shuffle through all the documents. Through this interview, the school representatives will try to assess your personal background, your schooling, your general awareness, your academic and professional aspirations, and why you are choosing that specific school. The difficulty level of the interview varies from school to school. Remember, the primary aim of an interview at a B-school is to understand you as a person and how you are inclined towards business studies, so be organised and show the best in you.
  • Deliver honest, concise, and focused answers.
    A major part of your success in an interview depends on how you answer your interviewer. There will be questions on your past experiences, your achievements, and your failures too. Provide the interviewer with honest responses. Your answers should be very focused and concise, while also accepting the wrongs you have done previously and what you have learned from them.
  • Wear formal dress
    Your first impression is your last impression! Therefore, you should be very impactful and wear formals, as this is what is expected in the interviews. Avoid dressing up in a casual dress and too many accessories or jewellery. Make sure that the dress you are wearing is properly cleaned and pressed. Prefer not to smoke, drink, or eat anything just before the interview.
  • Carry yourself with confidence
    You should be confident throughout your interview process; right from the moment you meet and greet your interviewer, your sitting posture, and how you attend the interview, everything matters. Sit in an erect position with your chin up and straight shoulders. Talk confidently with eye contact with the interviewer. Present yourself with positive body language.
Wrapping it up

Your MBA journey can sometimes feel very demanding, but one must always understand that the hard work of today will reap the sweet fruits of tomorrow. It is very important to stay motivated throughout the process. With proper channelization of your energy and mind-set, you will be able to crack the PGDM and MBA entrance and interview rounds on your first attempt without any difficulty and get admission to the top management B-schools. All the best for your future, and we hope to see you soon at JAIN’s MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (MIME)!

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