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What skills do you develop in PGDM Finance & Marketing?

16 January 2023

It is no secret that a PGDM in Finance and Marketing is a leading choice of degree these days. A dynamic combination of financial and marketing management knowledge served in a platter of a two-year professional course is what PGDM in Finance and Marketing is all about.

Anyone who wishes to carve a successful corporate career must go for this subject combination. But then the big question arises – how is this degree course relevant? What skills learned during this tenure can help you soar in your career?

Employers look for a certain skill set in their candidates that matches their expectations. To understand what kind of skills an employer looks for and how a PGDM in Finance and Marketing can help you develop that, we have come up with the following pointers:

Interpersonal Skills

We saw the finance professionals crunching numbers and limited to their cubicles a decade back. But things have changed now. From regularly dealing with clients and understanding their requirements, every finance professional needs to build interpersonal relationships with their clients.

Communication Skills

People must develop communication skills because, more than a professional skill, it has now become a life skill. As a student in marketing, you will interact with several industry professionals, build a network with fellow students and professors and present your thoughts in an assembly of corporate leaders from time to time. This will help you develop good communication skills, which will help you create impressive marketing campaigns, do branding and establish a good reputation for the organisation you would work for.


One cannot become a good manager without theoretical knowledge and technical training. When you learn in an environment full of business leaders, you also tend to pick up traits from them. They inspire and motivate you to beat the competition and do well in life. Candidate pursuing a PGDM in Finance and Marketing often learns leadership skills from their professors, mentors, seniors, etc., who guide them to stand out in the crowd.

Time Management

When you submit your assignments work on time, take advanced exam preparation, solve mock test papers, meet deadlines during your internships, etc., you master the art of time management. You will be able to manage your time well despite multi-tasking for several other things. Moreover, these days, employers look for individuals who can value their time and that of the organisation. A candidate who knows how to utilize his time well will be under less stress and more productive in the workspace.

Logical Reasoning

When you learn the science of managing finances and creating important information like financial reports, you learn the art of cross-checking the facts. This is where logic plays a vital role. When you are questioned by the examiners during the practical exams, presenting the data alone will not suffice. Therefore, you have to understand a topic and then present it. This helps you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your actions. It will not help you in your professional space but will also enable you to make sound choices in your life.


A manager can never become a leader if he is not a team player. During your PGDM course in Finance and Marketing, you will be asked to make projects and assignments with your classmates and even attend internships or perform group presentations. This is where your teamwork skills are put to the test first. Even if you have personal differences with someone in your team, you must work unbiasedly to achieve a common goal. This skill will help you not just in your job life but will also help you building connections and improve your communication skills.

Do you have what it takes to build a successful career in finance and marketing? Remember, when an employer reviews applications for a single post, a candidate with the required skills will grab the opportunity first. So, ensure you work on building and enhancing your skill set dedicatedly every day!

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