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7 Reasons why PGDM course should be considered as a career option

07 February 2023

7 Reasons why PGDM course should be considered as a career option

Graduation? Completed
Job as a Fresher? Completed
Future? Uncertain

If you also belong to any of the categories mentioned above, now is the right time to switch to the PGDM course. According to research, there has been a striking 120% increase in demand for PGDM graduates. This is all due to the globalisation trends where companies are looking for diverse and skill full professionals who can bring something different to the table.

What is a PGDM course?

A PGDM or Postgraduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year diploma programme offered by autonomous B-Schools recognised by AICTE that focuses on providing practical management knowledge. It is similar to an MBA course, except that it is more practical-based.

So, if you are interested in knowing how a PGDM course can be a better career option for you, you have to read till the end of the article to get your questions answered. Are you ready?

7 reasons why PGDM course should be considered as a career option

Specialised and Lucrative Course

PGDM courses are much more specialised to suit the market requirements and help you meet industry standards. This helps the students equip themselves with knowledge in different aspects of the business, which is not provided in MBA courses. You can pursue in PGDM in Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Supply and Logistics, Marketing Management, Business Analytics, etc.

These courses are also lucrative as they impart skill training to the students, increasing their employment probability. The skill-based courses of PGDM help the students stand out of the crowd and create a demand for themselves in the employment market.

Industry Centric

Compared to conventional MBA programmes, PGDM courses are much more industry-centric as their curriculum is constantly upgraded with the changing industry trends. On the other hand, MBA courses stick to their traditional course curriculum for years altogether. PGDM thus helps the students cope with market deviations and trends. Industrial exposure builds horizontal and vertical skills in the students.

Higher Salary Packages

The most interesting factor for taking up a PGDM course is the outcome of it – high salary packages ranging up to 20 Lakhs per annum. As a PGDM candidate possesses more skill-set than other management professionals, it gives them a competitive edge over others, thus bagging the best remuneration packages for themselves.

Corporate Readiness

The benefits of PGDM courses are multi-dimensional. Besides learning about interpersonal relationships and business knowledge, it also prepares you for your corporate journey. While pursuing your PGDM degree, you will learn the basics of modern business administration and be exposed to practical training through internships in different fields. This will make you industry-ready and equipped with the confidence and skills to build a successful corporate career.

Skill-Based Program

PGDM allows students to focus more on their real-time skills and competencies and less on the theoretical aspect. They learn another essential understanding to survive the corporate race, such as strategic thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, organisational, communication and soft skills, and much more. Students who can polish themselves in these aspects have a bright and rewarding career waiting for them.

Build Strong Network

Professional management courses help students build a good network of diverse professionals they encounter during their studentship, internship or participation in extra-curricular club activities in college. Having a good network can open unexpected opportunities and increase the employment probability for PGDM students.

Open For All

The most overlooked advantage of a PGDM diploma is any graduate can apply for this course. Irrespective of the subjects you gained knowledge in during your graduation, you can go for the PGDM course easily. You can also choose your specialisation and craft your career pathway as per your choice.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, a PGDM course is not just a classroom-oriented course; it is structured in such a way that it helps build careers and reach the pinnacle of professional growth. So, if you want to walk the extra mile and enhance your chances of getting recruited for a top leadership position in your company, you have the answer!

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