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PGDM in E-Commerce Management vs. Real Estate Management: A Comparative Study

11 March 2024

E-commerce management and real estate management are relatively newer fields of study in the ever-evolving landscape of business. These PGDM courses evoked a sensation in the educational sectors and job markets for the subject relevance and values. E-commerce management can be portrayed as the powerhouse managing all the online sales, transactions and other subsequent backend features that maintain the brand image and value. Whereas, real estate management is concerned with the monitoring of land properties, selling, buying and other bidding transactions irrespective of the massiveness of the product. In this article, we shall look at the different aspects of e-commerce management and real estate management as areas of study in the PGDM programme.

PGDM in E-Commerce Management vs. Real Estate Management: Course Duration and Eligibility

The postgraduate diploma in management for e-commerce management and real estate management has been structured for 2 years. In these two years, students are introduced to various theoretical papers along with practical and internship exposure.

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a PGDM in E-Commerce Management and Real Estate Management are having completed a bachelor’s degree with an overall aggregate accepted by the university. Prior knowledge in the commerce field is a plus upon considering the course structure and syllabus.

PGDM in E-Commerce Management vs. Real Estate Management: Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for both streams covers the nuances of the commerce field that are required to excel in the respective career profiles.

Subjects included in PGDM E-Commerce Management: Principles of Management, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Organisational Behavior, Strategic Management, Cost Accounting, Innovation Management, Elements Of Communication and Networking Skills, Legal Aspects of Business, Starting an E-Commerce Venture, Financial Technology Solutions, Internet Marketing, Business Analytics, Venture Capital & Crowdfunding, Logistics Management in E-commerce, CRM, Social media marketing.

Subjects included in PGDM Real Estate Management: Introduction to Real Estate, Business Communication, Marketing Management, Real Estate Market Analysis, Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Valuation, Risk Management, Customer Relationship Management, Construction Finance Risk Management, Regulatory Process and Law Management, Computer Application in Real Estate, Land Survey and AcquisitionTaxation in Real Estate.

PGDM in E-Commerce Management vs. Real Estate Management: Career Opportunities

Though the PGDM specialisations of E-Commerce Management and Real Estate Management are comparatively new, they are highly appreciated in the job market for the subject value. Here are some of the career options available for graduates after completing their courses in their respective fields.

Career Options for Students Opting for PGDM in E-Commerce Management:

  1. E-Commerce Manager: Engaged in maintaining the brand identity and value over the platforms. They are also responsible for all the operations and engagements carried out through the company’s e-commerce website.
  2. Content E-commerce Management: Engaged in creating and regularly modifying selling content and copies throughout all the platforms by keeping brand image intact.
  3. E-commerce Catalogue Manager: Engaged in drafting compelling content for the e-commerce websites (like product descriptions, head tags and more) and maintenance of the same.
  4. Client Success Manager: Provide additional support to the company’s customers throughout their transaction phase from sales aspects to active customers.
  5. Relationship Manager: Engaged in giving personalised advice and responses to the customer’s inquiries to build rapport and retain potential customers.

Career Options for Students Opting for Real Estate Management:

  1. Auctioneer: Hosts auction events where potential land buyers can sell, buy and bid properties. Auctioneer professionals are engaged as coordinators and oversee the event and transactions.
  2. Business Brokers: They are professionals who either work standalone or represent the company assisting in small and big land purchases.
  3. Buyer’s Agent: They are the reliable guides and assisting professionals a buyer takes the help of while purchasing a home or land property.
  4. Property Manager: Engaged in overseeing the daily activities and transactions of a designated property.
  5. Real Estate Agents: They are licensed professionals who represent either buyers or sellers in real estate transactions.

In Short

Undoubtedly commerce field witnessed a humongous growth over the past ten years. The impact of these progressive changes brought niche-specific additions to the vast realm of education. E-commerce management and real-estate management specialisations for PGDM are booming for definitive reasons like economic growth and advancements at a global level. The introduction of these specialisations in PGDM has given increased opportunities for students to pursue and research further their areas of interest and skills. However, it is equally important to understand the respective area of interest and skills and opt for the specialisations likewise to ensure career satisfaction and success.

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