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How Do I Respond To "Why PGDM Marketing" In An Interview?

22 October 2022

PGDM & PGDM Marketing - At a Quick Glance

PGDM - Providing practical knowledge of business management, PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a 2-year diploma programme meant for graduates who want to attain business management knowledge and skills. Though management graduates are preferred for this diploma programme, any graduate from any stream can apply for it. To get enrolled in PGDM programme, candidates need to clear highly-competitive entrance exams, like, CAT, MAT, etc. The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) recognised business schools offer PGDM programme to graduates who clear the relevant entrance exams with standard scores.

PGDM Marketing - It is a marketing management programme that specifically focuses on the significance and latest trends of marketing in businesses. Offering a rewarding career and significant job opportunities, PGDM Marketing has become a top choice for aspirants who wish to make a bright career in business management.

Whether you are applying for an internship programme in marketing or appearing for a marketing job interview, you will frequently face this question - “Why PGDM Marketing?”. The thoughtful framing of the answer for the same will open doors of opportunities before you!

Why PGDM Marketing - A Significant Question Unveiling Immense Possibilities
With the “Why PGDM Marketing” question, interviewers want to test the different qualities of a candidate. These aspects include the following:

  • Impressive storytelling skills - Be it crafting attractive proposals or communication briefings, engaging storytelling skills are needed in every arena of marketing.
  • 5 SOLs (Standards of Leadership) - “Why PGDM Marketing” question also gauges the 5 SOLs as mentioned below:
  • Competitive leadership and positive attitude
  • Objective-oriented leadership with a focus on consumer
  • Action-driven approach.
  • Performance-driven aptitude along with accountability
  • Teamwork quality with the power of convincing people.

While you can express your powerful storytelling skills through the narration of various personal experiences in a unique and interesting manner, you can prove the above SOLs by quoting the right example for each.

Nevertheless, the most important points that you must remember and include in your answer revolve around the points mentioned below.

Marketing involves limitless creativity and imaginativeness - As there are no fixed rules to follow in marketing, one can try out-of-the-box ideas and experiment with infinite creativity.

Demand always exists - Demand for various products always remains in the market. All products and services need marketing and promotions to get sold and succeed.

Influence people in diverse aspects - Great marketing skills do only help sell products. Rather, they influence people’s lives in various ways including the way they converse, live or entertain.

Marketing offers great opportunities to learn & innovate - The close studies of consumer behaviour, changing market trends and frequent launch of new products every now and then offer significant opportunities to learn and innovate in the field of marketing.

The Bottom Line:
The question “Why PGDM Marketing” is a great opportunity for PGDM marketing candidates to show their passion for marketing and talk about their relevant skills and abilities that make them the right fit for the marketing profession. Hence, grab this chance and express your competencies at your best to create the right impression on your interviewers.

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