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Advantages of pursuing PGDM and the way it can boost your career

Advantages of pursuing PGDM and the way it can boost your career

23 January 2023

Any Indian student trying to eye for lucrative salary package, management is the soundest choice they can make. Big companies looking out for trained professionals often recruit candidates from reputed b-schools majoring in management.

Out of all the management disciplines out there, PGDM is a growing management discipline. Acronym for Post Graduate Diploma in Management, PGDM is a two-year management programme offering post-graduate diploma courses to graduated students.

Students can pursue this course part-time or full-time from national or regional institutes. However, they must qualify for national or state-level entrance exams, such as CAT, MAT, XAT, etc., to enroll in a PGDM course.

What makes a PGDM course better than a conventional MBA degree in a fast pacing world? Today, we answer your questions by offering you advantages of pursuing PGDM and how it can boost your career!

More Practical Form of Learning

The main difference between a PGDM course and a regular MBA degree is that the former imparts better practical training to aspiring management students. This is because PGDM is offered by institutions responsible for selecting the students, designing and customizing the course curriculum and training models, evaluating them, and finally placing them.

On the other hand, MBA is designed by universities and taught by its affiliating colleges. Students start learning MBA just like any other conventional degree in the market, such MA in English or M.Com in Accountancy, with the main focus of passing the program somehow.

Moreover, these universities don’t make efforts to change their syllabus for decades. Therefore, when asked about recent market trends, MBA students often find it difficult to answer questions during interviews. 

Thus, while MBA is more theoretical, PGDM, on the other hand, is more practical.

Unique Diversity and Highly Specialized

The options when choosing the domain for MBA are limited, whereas PGDM diplomas are diversified and can be chosen from more than 50 domains.

Some of the widely chosen diploma specialisation domains include PGDM in Human Resource Management, PGDM in Marketing Management, PGDM In Financial Management, PGDM In Business Analytics, PGDM in Operations Management, PGDM in Logistics And Supply Chain Management, etc.

Industrial Exposure

PGDM is an industry-integrated diploma; therefore, it comes with many scopes, such as on-job training, internships, fieldwork deputation, and industrial exposure as part of the curriculum itself. PGDM students gain an edge over others as they receive sufficient experience by the time they finish their diplomas.

Open For All

One of the best parts about opting for PGDM is that anyone can opt for it who has completed their under-graduation. Irrespective of the subject domain you belong to, you can choose the PGDM diploma, which will enhance your probability of gaining a top leadership position in any company.

Get Placed Sooner and with Higher Packages

Studies suggest that you get hired more easily and with a better package and position if you opt for a PGDM diploma. According to a professor from a reputed B-school, it has been observed that 70% of PGDM students get hired more for the same job that was also open for MBA students.

Being a skill-based course, PGDM outweighs other management courses as it surpasses the traditional theoretical perspectives.

Skill-Focussed Programme

A degree is not enough in today's fast-paced and demanding world. You have to upscale yourself to handle difficult and high-pressure situations at the workplace. A PGDM diploma allows students to become more skilled and competent in real-time problems. Apart from academic exposure, they also obtain corporate acumen in strategic thinking, critical problem-solving, planning and delegating skills, communication skills, and developing soft skills.

Increases Your Networking Opportunities

Networking is a very important skill needed by management aspirants to grow in their professional sphere. A PGDM course is just the right place to enhance your networking skills. It allows the students to interact with their peers, corporate leaders, and professionals during events, guest lectures, and other relevant activities. When you interact and build relationships with people from different spheres of society, they can help you shape your corporate journey.

To conclude, PGDM is the breakthrough for your career path as it comes with high employability rates if pursued from a good business school that is AICTE approved. To multiply your career opportunities, you must select the right business school for this program. If you are looking for a specialised PGDM course in Bangalore, you can opt for the diverse specialisations offered by the Jain Group of Institutes.

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