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Importance of PGDM in Organization Development and Change Management

Importance of PGDM in Organization Development and Change Management

21 December 2021

PGDM course acronym for Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2-year professional study in management which is noted to provide tremendous job opportunities to its pursuers. The world around is evolving constantly and so the requirement of various public and private sector organizations and their customers are highly dynamic. Business be it in the public or private sector has a huge requirement of professionally trained managers, leaders, functional heads, specialized executives. Passouts of PGDM course can aptly serve all these roles and can contribute to Organization Development and Change Management.

How PGDM Contributes to Organizational Development

To understand the importance of PGDM in Organizational development (OD), a clear understanding of OD is essential. Organization development denotes all those efforts that are implied on improving the capacities of an organization by streamlining business strategies, and their structure, and aligning the management processes with its associated people, rewards, and metrics. It is a complete scientific interdisciplinary field with its roots in psychology, culture, innovation, social sciences, adult education, human resource management, change management, organization behavior, and research analysis and design. The concept of Organization development in addition revolves around the continuous and methodical, long-range process of navigating organizational effectiveness by improving organizational efficiency.

Why should PGDM students learn about Change Management?

The speed at which technology is evolving and changes of a stock market can be intimidating even for the most optimistic businessman or organization. Hence every institution or business must have trained professionals of chain management to help businesses revive the situation of stress. This discipline of PGDM teaches students to transform enterprises into more profitable businesses.

Following are some benefits of studying PGDM students

1. High demand job sector - Almost every corporate giant operates globally where they have to deal with trade policies and international trade norms and regulations, hence they need trained professionals in Foreign Trade Management. A survey by US Forex revealed approx. 58% of even small businesses have international customers which will grow by 72 % in the next 4 years. Undoubtedly this sector is going to generate tremendous job opportunities in the future.

2. Enhances Entrepreneurship skills - Businesses with international organizations have a vast customer base, flux in revenues, diverse product cycles, and much more, and a PGDM in FTM, capacitates you to attain important roles in managing the operation of an organization. Furthermore, PGDM in FTM equips you with skills and perceptions of foreign trade. Additionally, you will get to explore your entrepreneurial dreams, if you have any.

3. Competitive advantage with Industry-specific training - The discussed course is divided into two year/four-semester and comprehensively teaches various intricate features of foreign trade and international business. The extensive pedagogy will teach you all the necessary skills required to make a promising career in the global business ecosphere. Backed with the knowledge of FTM not only you will contribute to boosting the performance of your organization, you can easily counter the challenges of the global market. Cross-culture and cross country working is mandatory no matter you hold a position in an international MNC or into entrepreneurship or working for an organization that deals with international business. Studies in Foreign Trade Management provide you clear perspective about international correspondence providing you a competitive advantage over others.

4. Blue Collared job offers - Big corporate giants like Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, FedEx, Blue Dart, ONGC, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Pepsi, etc. who have their multi-country operations throughout the world need have massive requirement of people who have trading skills and internationally focused style of thinking. After you peruse this course in FTM you can trey for the following roles:

  • Foreign Trade Manager
  • Export Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Foreign Trade Analyst
  • Foreign Trade and Purchasing Specialist
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Market Research Executive
  • Global Trade Manager
  • Customs & Global Trade Automation Manager

5. Self Enhancement and Great Intra-Personal Skill - PGDM in Foreign Trade Management is an all-inclusive course that imparts subjective knowledge of trade management, foreign trade, sales, marketing, and norms and regulations of international law and finance. Principles and techniques of ethical negotiation, theories of distributive justice and negotiation, the technique of signaling, argumentation, and fixing deals are other skills you will learn in PGDM.

6. Opportunity for Travelling Abroad - While pursuing your studies in International Business, and even after that you will explore multiple opportunities for traveling to all parts of the world both for academic and professional reasons. Additionally, pursuing your PGDM course in FTM, you will come in touch with collaborators, scopes of internships, and training providing you enough scope of traveling to domestic and international destinations.

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