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What are the decisive factors for future leaders in a PGDM programme?

What are the decisive factors for future leaders in a PGDM program?

16 August 2022

A Brief Introduction

Future leaders are likely to face more challenges and difficulties yet opportunities than today’s leaders. However, they must be familiar with how to convert opportunities into their advantages. It goes for future leaders in a PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) Programme as well.

Needless to say, today’s professionals need to grasp more skills in order to prove themselves as leaders in the upcoming years. In addition, these experts need to show their expertise in all the needed fields and ability to solve problems along the way to become future leaders in a PGDM programme. In short, three key factors that every future leader in a PGDM programme must cater to include sustainability, responsibility, and inclusivity.

Time is changing and so is the thought process of professionals in different fields including business. Today’s world revolves around problems and their respective solutions. That is the reason why future leaders need to be familiar with a problem-based perspective.

As a result, they can take ideas from the real world and address challenges in their business accordingly. Their perspectives must be somewhat different from others in their profession and it would be represented by their attitudes revolving around inclusivity, responsibility, and sustainability.

Three Decisive Factors to convert today’s PGDM Professionals into Future Leaders

You already know about three key factors that are expected in every PGDM professional to become a future leader. It is time to know about each of the factors in detail:


The future leaders in a PGDM programme need to be responsible enough to take care of employees as well as customers. Moreover, they should also be responsible to the manufacturers and suppliers in the business.

The new-normal approach revolving around the responsibility of a future leader includes taking care of and addressing the concerns of the larger community involved with the business.


Responsibility and sustainability are deeply related to each other. And when it comes to sustainability, the topic of climate change comes into the picture.

In essence, future leaders in every field, including PGDM, need to be enough responsible to our planet to make informed business decisions in the support of our environment. Next, potential future leaders need to brainstorm ideas about making businesses sustainable without adversely impacting communities. In other words, professionals need to know how to make their business a profitable venture by making the organisation sustainable in communities. Otherwise, the ripple effect would be inevitable, which may put the organisation in a vulnerable position in the future.


Many people do not emphasize inclusivity as one of the three key factors to be fulfilled by future leaders in a PGDM programme. However, considering today’s scenario, it is as important as the other two factors in this regard.

The reason is today’s world is experiencing human migration to the highest level. Hence, expanding the reach of a business and making it a global-level success needs future leaders to work with different communities. When it comes to making important business decisions, potential leaders need to consider people’s opinions.

The upcoming years in a PGDM programme call for smart leaders, who know how to take the business to higher levels of success while improving the lives of communities.

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