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Strategies for Success: PGDM International Business vs. Export Management

29 January 2024

To work with multinational companies, be part of the international operations of a company and the international business community, pursue a PGDM in International Business or Export Management. Both International Business and Export Management are highly relevant fields as the international trade borders are relaxing and the internet facilitates easy direct-to-customer (D2C) interactions. Having a PGDM qualification, can help one navigate the complexities related to geopolitics, socioeconomics, and trade taxes and tariffs.

Let us evaluate the basic difference between PGDM International Business and PGDM Export Business.

Course Duration and Eligibility: PGDM International Business vs. Export Management

The Post-graduate Diploma in Management is a two years intensive programme. Graduates from any stream from a recognised institute with minimum of 50% marks in their undergraduate programme can apply. Further, you will have to appear for CAT, GMAT or similar entrance exams to qualify for the course. The selection for PGDM International Business or PGDM Export Management will depend upon the undergraduate scores, entrance exam scores and seat availability.

Course Syllabus and Curriculum: PGDM International Business vs. Export Management

The PGDM International Business covers subjects on managing international business activities. The course pedagogy is agile to incorporate the latest developments and emerging trends into the course. Thus, in terms of learning and relevance, it is at par with an MBA in International Business programme. You will study aspects of business management, business communication and international trade and finance. The course syllabus includes Organisational Behaviour, International Economics, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, International Intellectual Property, Business Environment, Business Communication, International Banking and Law, Business Mathematics, Human Resource Management, Digital Marketing, International Retail Business, Strategic Management, International Marketing, Data Analysis and so on.

PGDM Import and Export Management deals with international trade and administration of import and export processes. This is a technical course that covers the legal, financial, and logistical aspects of international trade. It is a highly specialised field and the course duration may be one or two years long. The subjects covered in the course are more technical and there is a smaller component of business management.

The syllabus for the course include Management & Organisation Behaviour, The framework of the Export-Import Policy, Principles and Practices of Management, International Business Environment, International Marketing, Exim Documentation Procedures, Exim Management Indian Context, International Supply Chain Management, Research Methodology, Insurance and Inspection in Foreign Trade and so on.

You will have projects and group discussions on customs, policies, international trade and politics, insurance procedures, international freight management, and much more.

Career Scope: PGDM International Business vs. PGDM Export Management

A PGDM International Business certificate holder can work as -

  1. International marketing manager - study, create and execute global and regional and global marketing strategies
  2. Export- Import manager - Manage various aspects of goods and services exports
  3. International finance manager - Manage business finances across borders
  4. International business development manager - Business expansion across international borders
  5. International customer relationship manager - Manage international customer relationships
  6. Corporate communication manager - Manage internal and external business communications
  7. International Human resource manager - Manage international placements, employee management and much more

You can work with multinational companies, in the FMCG sector, eCommerce businesses, logistics and shipping companies, international finance companies and banks, foreign exchange firms, tourism companies and much more. Since International Business is akin to a general management course with a focus on multinational operations, you can choose a niche role and fit into it.
Export management concerns itself with international business affairs such as -

  1. Foreign exchange Management - Track exchange rates to find optimal pricing
  2. Export Finance - handle various aspects of pricing, costing, taxes and tariffs in international trade
  3. Distribution - handle international distribution channels across landway, waterway and airways
  4. Freight management - manage freight transport across international borders
  5. Documentation - handle documentation for different countries
  6. Exporter/importer - export/import goods and services for local or international trade
  7. International supplier - Become goods and services supplier for companies across the border
  8. Commodity board member - Draft policies, ensure adherence to international trade policies, and oversee commodities trade
  9. Government role in export promotion councils or trading houses
  10. International logistics solution provider - provide logistics solution for international supply chain
  11. International packers and movers service provider - provide packing and moving services internationally

You can work with multinational companies, eCommerce businesses, government agencies, trade councils, export-import businesses, and international shipment companies, or become an entrepreneur.

International trades are growing and becoming complex, so there is a need for efficient managers and business consultants to guide businesses. As managers and business consultants you will be involved in spotting international trends in different industries, emerging markets, seasonal demands, policy changes and spot marketing and branding opportunities. For a career in a dynamic field with multiple opportunities for international trade, travel and business liaisons, these are excellent fields.

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