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Mohammad Altazi

Student success stories from Mime College placement

03 March 2018

MIME offers an exceptional platform and a bundle of opportunities to grow.

I am Mohammad Altazi, a student of MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, specialized in Marketing and Finance. To begin with, I would like to say that MIME offers an exceptional platform and a bundle of opportunities to grow. I had a lack of confidence and suffered from stage fear, but MIME helped me overcome them. MIME follows a practical way of learning rather than a theoretical way.

The faculty members at MIME are one of the best with more than a decade’s experience and are professional like Chartered Accountants and lawyers with in-depth knowledge. They use live scenarios and examples while teaching that makes it easier to understand and create interactive discussions. They are as very supportive and friendly and one feels comfortable to get involved in the discussions.

The placement team conducted many training and development programs and taught us how to tackle difficulties in interviews. They also provided prior information about various companies and the process of interviews.

My first interview was at HDFC Bank and I got placed there as a Relationship Manager. The interview process consisted of three rounds – the aptitude round, group discussion and face-to-face interview. I was selected in the first round and was called to attend the group discussion. The group had 10 candidates and the topic of discussion was demonetization. While the others discussed general points, I spoke about facts, figures and data and concluded the discussion. Two among the 10 were shortlisted and I was happy to be one of them.

When I went for my face-to-face interview, I was very nervous, so I consulted one of my faculty for suggestions. During the interview, I was asked to tell about myself. When I confided in the interviewers that I was nervous, they offered me water to drink, told me to take time and made me feel comfortable. I was asked about my roles and responsibilities in my internship, which I did at Philips India Limited (FMCG), and my hobbies.

Then I was told that at HDFC, there is a lot of pressure and challenges to face. I just smiled and said, “There is pressure in every job. As a fresher, I am ready to learn new things. I will take the path you show me and I will be the best in that.” I was selected for the job.

I consider MIME as my extended family. They have helped me in each stage through the difficulties. I strongly recommend MIME to those who want to study management. The opportunities one gets here are beyond expectations. My special thanks to Dr. Jitendra Mishra, the faculty for their love and support and the placement team for the training and keeping us updated throughout.

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